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Another Site For Me!

Well, I’ve acquired another big site. Drum roll please……! That’s right, I’ve purchased another site from good ol’ Paul. I plan on taking good care of it of course. I’ve got a few ideas in mind for improvement.

Where does this leave my financial situation? Well, let’s see…….I’m in debt up to my eyeballs. People probably think it’s a little crazy to go into debt to purchase websites, however, I don’t. In my opinion, there’s not a better investment in the world. I do have a slight advantage because of the fact that I’m not married, so I have no family to support. I’m not putting anybody on the line except for myself. Does the debt hover over me? You bet it does. I can’t wait till I don’t owe anybody any money.

I started doing what I do a little more than a year. With my current sites, I now reach over 20,000 visitors a day. Once I get out of a couple of monthly payments to people(should be done by early next year), I will be pulling in close to 6 figures a year from my sites. Note that I am not bragging nor am I trying to be rude, I tell you this information to show you that anyone can make it in the blogging/website world. I am the ripe old age of 23 years old.

I’m going to try and setup a list of goals for the next year so anybody that’s interested can watch me as try to go through different milestones. I always like watching other people progress, so for those of you that are interested in this kind of stuff, stay tuned! If this is not something people would be interested in, comment! Sorry for telling everyone to comment after every post, I’m just trying to get a feel for what everybody is interested in me writing about(other than WP news)

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  1. garrett says: 7/8/2005

    I think that debt can actually be an advantage as it gives you a strong motivation to generate traffic to the site and maximise revenue, but once you have repayed all yours owings you should have one strong stream of income. I just wonder if you’ve got a million in your sites?

  2. Allan Burns says: 7/9/2005


    I am impressed, I seem to keep on passing upon sites of your, how many do you actually have, I lost count.

    I don’t think you are unwise to be making all of these investments, especially while you are so young. You seem to have yuor head screwed on, I wish i had taken more risk when I was younger.

  3. David ) says: 7/9/2005

    Wow, nice stuff. If you ever need a blogger to help out keep one of your sites going…let me know, and I am sure we could work out something that would be mutually beneficial.

    Best of luck,

  4. David ) says: 7/9/2005

    Will it still be part of 9Rules…or will that cease?
    Are you going to put your own mini-network together?

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