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Gizmodo Simplified and Challenges Issued

That’s right, Gizmodo’s design has been simplified! Finally, one of the 2 big blog networks has decided to make a blog that’s semi user-friendly. It’s about time, I get sick of looking at 3 columns of ads sometimes. In fact, while I’m ranting about this. Let’s just take a look at the homepage and take a little count of how many ads are on each of the 2 blog networks gadget sites…..

Engadget – a 468×60, a 120×600, 4 separate 300×250 ads, 3 text link ads each with descriptions, an ad advertising their own advertising, yet another small graphical banner, and a partridge in a pear tree

Gizmodo – a 468×60, 2 160×600, a 300×250 ad, and many many text links.

Now maybe I’m being crazy here, but doesn’t that seem like a lot of ads? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if there weren’t so many graphical ads, but the sheer amount that these guys are putting on a page is ridiculous. One of the great things about blogs in my opinions is the simplicity of them, and these guys are just not in anyway using a simplistic approach. It’s just hard to focus on the content with all that other crap going on.

So I issue a challenge to WeblogsInc(especially Engadget), clean up your design a little bit. I also issue a challenge to both networks(WeblogsInc and Gawker) to remove some of the ads. For the love, with the amount of visitors both of you have, I seriously doubt you’re having any trouble at all bringing in revenue.

Sorry for the rant everyone! In the words of Gladiator, “What possible difference can I make?”

This just in…9Rules Network has blogs that are actually nice to look at.

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  1. James says: 7/18/2005

    I use the Adblock plugin for Firefox, so I don’t really have a problem with ads. I know that isn’t the case for everyone, but I’m simply noting.

  2. matt says: 7/18/2005

    I subscribe to the RSS feed for Engadget, and have onlt bothered to visit the site a few minutes ago when I read this post.

    Yeah, it’s a bit cluttered, but with a lot of people reading their news sites via RSS, the design begins to matter less.

    Simplebits recently posted an article regarding this phenomenom.

  3. Mike says: 7/18/2005


    Try the gadget blog that’s linked to my name, maybe it’s a bit better. Maybe not.

    If you can offer any advice, we’ll listen, as we’re not tied to any advertisers.

    Thanks for keeping up the fine work. We need all the WP news we can get.

  4. Gerard McGarry says: 7/18/2005

    Good post Jacob! I have absolutely nothing against people making money off their blogs – some of these guys work really hard and give us a lot of value – but the clutter of adverts destroys the look and feel of a website.

    As for the RSS debate, I don’t think that’s going to prevent people from going to the website – I use RSS more for notification than a website replacement. There’s a danger of blogs becoming anonymized if we can’t associate them with a site.

    Anyway, I had a look recently at Boing Boing – I’m not a fan of the site, simply because of the ad content. What do you guys think?

  5. Gekko says: 7/31/2005

    Sentimental and nostalgic. Great. Zachotnah.

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