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Geeze, I can’t stop myself. I just purchased GetBlogs. I’m really done buying stuff now though. Really, I’m just barely keeping my head above water as it is. Anyway, I do plan on making some changes over at that site, so stay tuned to see what I have in store for it.

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  1. Lee says: 7/19/2005

    Congrats – you know you’ve been busy when people start referring to you as a ‘mogul’ ;-)

  2. jones says: 7/19/2005

    how much do you pay for these projects? ;)
    just out of curiosity…

  3. Jacob says: 7/19/2005

    Hehe, now I can’t tell you that can I. It’s so much more fun a secret.

  4. Leonieke says: 7/19/2005

    and another out of curiousity

    why buy all these sites? :)

  5. Jacob says: 7/19/2005

    Well, I’m trying to make a living out of this, so…each site brings me one step closer to that goal.

  6. Leonieke says: 7/19/2005

    :) I get it.

  7. yuga says: 7/19/2005

    Hi Jacob! Congrats on the new acquisition. You must be awefully darn rich! :D

  8. Jacob says: 7/19/2005

    Not yet, but I hope to be by the end of next year. My current apartment costs me $300 a month! :)

  9. David ) says: 7/19/2005

    Nice, how do you find these buys?
    I have already signed up my blog for Getblogs, and I guess I will talk to you later.

    Best of luck with the new site.

  10. jalansutera says: 7/19/2005

    do you plan to maintain it all? after that, do you have plan to sell all of them?

  11. Cellounge Admin says: 7/24/2005

    My question is are you going to be putting the same quality content that the former owners readers are used to?