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WordPress Plugin: Adsense Logger

This WordPress plugin makes use of the open source script Adsense Logger.

This plugin installs the Adsense logger, inserts the corresponding javascript into the footer and displays the reports within the admin interface. For statistics of your revenue, you have to enter your adsense username and password in the configuration of adsense logger. This adsense logger plugin uses the wordpress configured prefix for table creation for this logger.

If you want an easy way to track your adsense earnings and find what combinations produce the best results, then I recommend this plugin. Note that it is still in beta.

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  1. Leonid Mamchenkov says: 8/1/2005

    Where is the link to the WordPress plugin? :)

  2. Markus says: 8/1/2005

    this is the right URL: Adsense Logger Plugin

  3. Leonid Mamchenkov says: 8/1/2005


  4. Markus says: 8/1/2005

    It’s not Jacobs best day: see the title, worpress plugin ;)
    Hard day, huh?

  5. Cellounge Admin (Shane) says: 8/1/2005

    Is this plugin available for other blogger tools?

  6. Markus says: 8/1/2005

    I don’t know. But you can include it directly. just visit the original site


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