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Breaking $100 a Day in Adsense!

I did it! I finally reached my goal of breaking $100 in 1 day of Adsense earnings. $102.26 to be exact. It’s been a long time since I set this goal, but my goal was to reach it before the end of the year. I had no clue that I would reach it this quick, but doing some simple optimization over the past few weeks has apparently helped. I don’t know how many bloggers have managed this, but I think I may be the youngest at 23.

I won’t share too much specific information about which sites earned the most, but I can tell you that BlogCatalog and Forevergeek were at the top of the list. BlogCatalog reached a new traffic high yesterday and ForeverGeek was about 1,000 visitors off its high day so far.

I’m going to set some more goals here in the near future and start talking about what I can do to achieve them. I love blogging about that sort of stuff. I believe there is still plenty more I can do to expand and grow before I graduate college in December. The sky is the limit with blogging.

I’m also sure you’re wondering why there haven’t been as many updates here lately. It’s simply because I just got a bigger and better server and am having to migrate all my sites over, so it’s taking up a good amount of time at this point getting everything in place. I also have been working on some new blog related sites which hopefully I’ll be able to share a little more here in the coming weeks. I’m going to try to keep you updated as much as I possibly can though.

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  1. garrett says: 8/9/2005

    Hey congrats man, not long until that first million ;)

  2. Brad Jasper says: 8/9/2005

    Congrats Jacob :)

  3. Markus says: 8/9/2005

    Hey, I just break the 1 Dollar / a day ;)

    Just enough to buy me a coke…

  4. Mirko says: 8/9/2005

    cual es el secreto?? hijo de pooh

  5. Cellounge Admin says: 8/9/2005

    Gives the rest of us hope.

  6. David ) says: 8/9/2005

    Congrats. You definetly deserve it.

  7. chrispian says: 8/9/2005

    Congrats! I started a group who’s goal is exactly that. I hope to join you in the $100/day club soon!

  8. Randy Charles Morin says: 8/9/2005


  9. Dominic Foster says: 8/9/2005

    And thanks for sharing the information with us. Its a real inspiration!!

  10. Nick says: 8/9/2005


    Would you be willing to share any of your optimization techniques that worked best?

  11. Miha says: 8/10/2005

    It looks like it was very wise to buy,,, …

    Congrats Jacob!

  12. Paul Short says: 8/10/2005

    Congrats on reaching the $100/day milestone Jacob and I hope it only goes up from here!

  13. Loan Boy says: 8/10/2005

    Hey! Hey! Hey!, congrats, any optimization techniques would be greatly appreciated

  14. Jacob says: 8/10/2005

    Thanks for nice words everybody. I’ll definitely be sharing optimization tips in the near future. I just want to do about a months more worth of testing and tweaking. I want to supply the best information I possibly can.

  15. matt says: 8/10/2005

    Congrats! I wonder if the old admin/editor of this website would have been as proud of such a feat.

  16. morituri says: 8/10/2005

    Congratulations! I’ve just started, but I hope to catch up with your daily total soon!

  17. Rob says: 8/11/2005

    Way to go – I’ve clicked and given you my 2 cents. I’m still trying to break $1 per day. Help.

  18. hugemore says: 8/11/2005

    Congrats on reaching the $100/day milestone Jacob and I hope it only goes up from here!

  19. yolanda says: 8/12/2005

    Your posts like this one about revenue and other posts about search engine optimization are great. Please keep up the info. I’d also like to read more about how you build traffic to your assorted sites.

  20. paul says: 8/13/2005

    Good goal to have.

    It would equate to a decent salary here in South Africa so its best I get my groove on and get busy by setting a few goals of my own.

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