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Podcasting Overhyped?

This is an article by Scrivs that I’m going to have to pretty much agree with. He makes some great points, so if you think podcasting is being a little overhyped, then go check it out.

I completely understand why people like Podcasts, but I don’t see why there is so much buzz about them. It’s nothing new for people to record some speech and post it on the web, but I suppose nothing was “new” with blogging besides permalinks and trackbacks.

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  1. Dave Ryan says: 8/17/2005

    Podcasting is just a new name for an old thing. It will become a standardized method however as there are many podcasting programs coming out. It is a great tool for marketers to :) I have discussed it somewhat on my blog over at

  2. Cellounge Admin says: 8/20/2005

    Until we find a viable money making model. I won’t bother podcasting. I did a few videos in the past on one of my blogs, that has been deleted though.

  3. Z Usman says: 8/25/2005

    Not much goin on in the wordpress world?

  4. Code says: 8/25/2005

    Lots going on, this site just isn’t reporting it like it used to. What’s up with that?

  5. JuanManuel says: 8/25/2005

    What a waste of inversion to buy this blog and not use it.

  6. Jacob says: 8/25/2005

    This site will be updated regularly again starting September 1. I had to take a few weeks to get ready for some new things I have underway :) I apologize for not updating during this period, I just don’t have the time.

  7. marlyse says: 8/26/2005

    couldn’t find a page to contact the owner directly, so it’s a bit off-topic for this thread – but I am disappointed that this site was bought and now just rots. In 2 weeks not a new posting and before it had been the best and most informative source in regards to wordpress for me. it’s really a shame.