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WordPress Plugin: WImage Browser

This new plugin is an add on to the plugin Iimage Browser. It adds a few new features too the original plugin and takes what was good and makes it even better.

First, you can find the “Add All Coder & Close” link in the bottom-left corner of the browser window. Press it, and all the codes for all the images will be added to the post, and then the . This option is great if you want to mass-add all images in the directory (unless you want to click “Get the code” and “Add it to the post” on every image).

The second nice thingy is “Create mass thumbs”. It’s pretty self-explanatory, you can find it in the upper-right corner; it will create thumbnails for all the images in the current directory that do not have a thumbnail already created (those will be skipped). Again, this is very great for creating a gallery without going through all the images step by step.

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  1. WeaselMan says: 8/19/2005


    Thanks for publishing my plugin. There is a small mistake in your post; the link to my plugin is this:

    Maybe you can correct it :)

    Thanks again,

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