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Bloggy Network Released

I know I have many sites already, but I am launching a few more and putting them all under an umbrella called the Bloggy Network. What is the Bloggy Network you ask? Well it is a compilation of blog related sites that will target specific topics as well as some helpful resources in blogging.

What is going to make us stand out from the competition? Well, not only are we going to have blog sites, but we are also going to have blog service and tool sites to help bring the blogging community together.

We start off the network off with 1 blog service site in Blog Catalog, and then 10 other sites that are purely content specific blogs.

“Jacob”, you ask yourself, “how in the world are you going to run 10 blogs by yourself?”. The answer is simple, I’m not. No folks, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve hired the first full time blogger of the Bloggy Network, David Peralty. What made me pick David out of all the possible bloggers out there? Easy, he was the one that stood out compared to everyone else. He’s a truly great writer that will fill every need perfectly. He’s fresh out of college(only 22 years old) and has a real desire to blog. He’s going to be writing on a new line of electronic and gaming related blogs.

Since I’m launching so many new blogs, I figured that I need a good brand to consolidate my blogs and make it easier to differ myself from the competition. I thought about it for days until I remembered that the simple answer is usually best. A long time ago I remember there was a craze where everyone was adding the “e” in front of domains, so I figured, why not use the same concept, except for with a “b” to signify it is part of the Bloggy Network. It should be easy to remember. Using this new “b” branding are the bCellPhones blog, bLaptops blog, bDigitalCameras blog, bXbox360 blog, bPlaystation3 blog, bTelevisions blog, and the bMonitors blog.

What made me choose these topics? Basically, these are some of the topics David has a passion for and enjoys blogging about, and I hope are of great interest to the public at large. I wouldn’t want him to be blogging for me unless he can write about something that he enjoys. You can read a little more about these 7 new blogs on one of the about pages.

This is just the first in what is going to be a new line of sites to be launched by me. I hope to add an additional 4 new blog sites during the month of September. Two of these will be existing sites that I’m just improving and adding to the network, and the other two of these will be brand spankin’ new sites. None of these four sites will be actual blogs, I might add, as they are more in the blog service/tools area. These four sites should be helpful to a wide variety of bloggers, from those just being introduced to blogging all the way to the more experienced bloggers out there.

I’m launching these sites not to compete with any other networks, but to establish my own unique identity. I believe I have some unique ideas and talent that can take this network in a different direction than any other. Other networks are purely about being blogs, I want to be about blog related sites in general, and deliver high quality, useful content.

For those of you who were wondering why the posts haven’t been flowing here like they should, that’s the reason. From now on, you have a renewed commitment from me. I should be posting consistently from now on. I know I haven’t been posting like I should and I truly apologize. Please don’t be too mad. I should be able to take care of everything a little better now. It just gets a little hard sometimes while you’re still in college ;)

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  1. ben says: 9/1/2005

    What, no bNintendoRevolution? :)