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BloggingStats Joins BloggyNetwork

Blogging Stats is the latest site to join the Bloggy Network. Blogging Stats is just a simple blogging statistics site that allows you to keep track of visitors to your website and where they are coming from. You can either have a private account where only you can view your statistics or a public account where they are available to be seen by everyone. Anyway, if you’re interested in a stat tracker for your blog, then I recommend you head on over and sign up.

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  1. Chris Meller says: 9/12/2005

    Ewww… Blue and Gold? Do I sense a Notre Dame fan?

  2. Jacob says: 9/12/2005

    Notre Dame? I think not. I do bleed orange though, and not that orange doesn’t come burnt.

  3. mhulboj says: 9/13/2005

    Simple, yet useful tool. Should be sufficient till I write my own stats.

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