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This is a very cool, very in-depth study of blogs by a guy who wrote his thesis on the subject. His thesis was on:

I looked at how Blogs have impacted business and communication, how some Blogs create revenue, how some companies are using Blogs, how Blogs greatly boost the spread of information, how Blogs add richness to the media landscape, how Blogs work in the Long Tail, how some companies are tracking the Blogosphere and what the future of Blogging may be.

174 different bloggers participated in the survey(including myself). Here are some random stats from the blog thesis:

  • 85% allow comments on their blogs
  • 33% use Google Adsense
  • 22% use BlogAds
  • 45% generate no revenue
  • 40% generated under $5,000 per year
  • 4% generated over $100,000 per year

Anyway, this paper has tons and tons of information, standing at 145 pages long. If you’re looking for an in-depth look at blogging, check it out.

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  1. Martin (HomeOfficeVoice) says: 9/15/2005

    Interesting research. Without reading it yet in full, from my experiences I would have thought that much more people would use AdSense than 33% and much less would use BlogAds thann 22%.

    Woud like to know how many of those 45% bloggers (and all blogs actually in the survey) who are not generating any revenue if they are actively seeking to make some reveneue or not

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