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Bloggy Network Launches 2 Football Blogs

I’ve added 2 more blogs to the Bloggy Network, bringing the grand total of sites to 14. These 2 new blogs are on the topic of football(American). Why would I launch 2 blogs about football? Because I’m a football fanatic. I love football, I’m obsessed with it. In addition, I’m very opinionated about it.

The first football blog is called bFootball. I’m sticking with that “b” branding in front of the domain names. I like it. Anyway, this blog is dedicated to everything NFL. I do happen to be a Titans fan, but I will be writing as unbiased as possible(not that I could possibly be biased towards the Titans this year anyway). I’ll write on news around the league, but I’m hoping to produce mostly original content on my thoughts and opinions.

The second football blog is called bSECFootball. Why the SEC? I figured it would be kind of hard to cover all 117 division teams. The SEC is comprised of just 12 teams, so this will be a little easier to manage. Not to mention I probably don’t have enough knowledge about the other conferences to express my opinion. Also I attended UT for a couple of years, so I’ve experienced firsthand SEC games in several different venues. There’s nothing like an SEC game on a Saturday. Once again, although I’m a UT fan, I will try to write unbiased.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of football, check ‘em out.

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  1. Neil Camp says: 9/16/2005

    I am a huge football fan as well. You can never get enough NFL coverage. I am amazed that you will be able to keep the network rolling. I would love any advice that you could give on the idea of a blog network!

  2. Brian Breslin says: 9/16/2005

    I just wanted to say I think you may have something good here. Especially with the amount of money being poured into fantasy football. The blog design is a good one as well.

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