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WordPress Plugin: 1.6 Draft for 1.5

Some people want to see their post while working on it, and currently with WordPress 1.5+ you could only see a stylized version, which is not how the post will truly look. Chris Ensell of Ensellitis has released a plug-in that will allow a more realistic preview in an iFrame at the bottom of the post editor, like WordPress 1.6 has.

So I set out, thinking this was going to be hard, and it wasn’t. It was very easy. All I had to do is add an iFrame to /wp-admin/post.php and tweak the plugin I got from Matt. All in all it took about 10 minutes, or one cigarette.

I put together a small .zip file containing the plugin and the edited version of post.php. Here are the steps to install it:

1. upload previewdraft.php to wp-content/plugins/
2. Activate the plugin via Plugin Manager
3. upload post.php to wp-admin/

That’s it. The old preview area on the editor page is now replaced by an iFrame, just like in 1.6. When you save a draft, or edit a post, you will have 2 links under the editor box. One will update the iFrame with the preview, and one is a link to take you down to it… I was lazy, but you could always scroll down instead. Remember to click “Save and Continue Editing” before updating the preview.

Grab it over at

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WordPress Theme: Click!

I don’t know if this theme is really ready for “prime-time”, but I am anxious to see a few more themes like this, or even full WordPress packages to easily allow photoblogging.

Click! is a wordpress theme designed to be used for photoblogs. If you wish, you can download it and use it in your own photoblog.


+ 7 php templates and 1 CSS. Valid XHTML & CSS
+ Include a image (header.gif)
+ Compatible WordPress 1.5+
+ IE, Firefox and Opera

Have a look at Click! at

Grab it over at

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WordPress Plugin: Xinha4WP

A new plugin to help with easier WYSIWYG editing of your posts, pages and even comments with the new Xinha4WP.

Xinha4WP allows you to replace the textareas for new posts/pages and/or comments with the full featured Xinha WYSIWYG editor package.

With Xinha4WP, you can configure Xinha using WordPress’ administrative menus. No files need to be edited. Installation is simple – just unzip and activate. Choose the buttons, features, and plugins you want in the Xinha4WP administrative menu, submit, and Xinha is reconfigured on the fly. Different configurations can be stored for both post editing and comments allowing for the ultimate flexibility.

Get it at

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New WordPress Theme Viewer Released

A few very enterprising WordPress enthusiasts have come together to make a new WordPress Theme Viewer.

Now be warned, there may be some kinks in it, so we are hoping that you will give us a heaps of feedback in order that we can continue to improve on it’s functions. And we also made a big choice. To add all the theme tags ourselves, which meant a longer delay for release, or to open it up to a group of people who are willing to give their time and edit the tag system with us. It’s easy enough. You need to just look through each theme and add tags – 2 column – 3 column – left sidebar – right sidebar – favatar enabled – that kind of thing. Once this is completed it means that trying to find a theme will be so much easier because you can search through the tags and make your choice based on their criteria.

It looks like a really great set-up, and makes wading through all the themes of WordPress a little easier. Kudos to them for their hard work.

Check it out at

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WordPress Theme: City Bridge

I really love the header image used in this theme and how the design is all tied together very nicely. It is a two column theme from Graphic Dreams, and it is very brown and black.

As usual, this theme is plugin-ready for Gravatar, Get Recent Comments and WP Theme Switcher.

Check it out at Graphic Dreams.

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WordPress Theme: Copperleaf Plus

Derrived from the Minima Plus theme comes Copperleaf Plus. A two column theme with subdued colors and a simple look.

It supports a variety of plugins including:

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior
  • Copperleaf Photolog for WordPress
  • Customizable Post Listings
  • Link Category Order

Have a look at it and grab your copy at .

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WordPress Theme: Twilight

Star Shaped Themes have released Twilight for WordPress. It is a two column theme, right-hand sidebar design.

At long last, I’ve released my first WordPress theme to the public! Titled ‘twilight’, the layout consists of greys, purples, and a whole lot of standards-compliance while still looking fashionable.

Get it at Star Shaped Themes

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WordPress Plugin: VideoPop

Currently considered a Beta release, VideoPop helps WordPress publishers create popup windows that have videos embedded in them. The plugin takes a bit of work to get running, but seems to work alright.

This plugins lets you create links that open videos in a popup window.
Video management like upload via the control panel.

Supported file formats:
.rm -> Realplayer
.mov -> Quicktime Player
everything else (.mpg .asf .wmv …) tries to play with the Windows Media Player

Available Player Sizes:
160 x 120
320 x 240
640 x 480
450 x 244 [16:9]

From comes VideoPop

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eMiniMalls Adds New Features

Jensense has all the details on what is going on with some new features released for the Chitika eMiniMalls service.

Background Colors
Things they have added include background colors. In your control panel, you will now find a color picker you can use to select custom background colors.

Or if you don’t want to use the control panel simply add this line: (replacing the CCCCCC with the color you want to use of course)

ch_color_bg = “#CCCCCC”;

Though it looks like images will all still have white backgrounds, which will look a little out of place. Jensense writes that she has been assured that they are working on a fix to change this.

Browser Issues
I guess some people were having issues with the advertisements in Firefox 1.5 Beta (and probably Flock then as well), but those issues have now been fixed.

Ad Interface Changes
Right from Jensense:

You may have noticed that the advertiser now has a more prominent placement in the ad units now. This has been done to increase conversions for the merchants, which should relate into a higher CTR for publishers, particularly when “trusted merchants” are being shown.

Changes to the Product Image
Here is one chance I am not very excited about. Curiosity clicks, or clicking on the picture without any knowledge of the product or intention to buy was a helpful thing as it could have actually increased turn over, as viewers were introduced to prodcuts. They have removed this stating that if someone is interested they will click a valid link to view the product information.

As Jen mentioned on her site, I also think it would be interesting to know just how frequently the image was clicked compared to the regular link.

Adding eMiniMalls to Blogs
Again right from Jensense:

You can now automatically insert your blog entry titles as your eMiniMalls keywords into MT and WP blogs by using the following:

On MT insert the following code:

ch_query = “<? $MTEntryTitle$ ?>”;
On WP insert the following code:

ch_query = “<? php the_title(); ?>”;

You simply paste that into your eMiniMalls script. A nice feature add-on for bloggers.

Other things that have changed are that contextual is now turned off by default, which means you need to either turn it on, or change your keywords. The default keywords are currently digital cameras, iPod Mini, Sony Playstation, and Dell Laptop.

Things to Come
Jen also mentions some changes, and additions that will soon be hitting the eMiniMalls feature listing that will most definetly make it more adaptable.

There will be channel support launched soon, for publishers who want to track earnings across pages, directories or sites.

eMiniMalls for Verticals which would include eMiniMalls for Books & eMiniMalls for Travel. They are designed to perform better for sites in those niches.

And last but not least, they are working on a speedier turn around time for accessing stats.

For me the stats speed upgrade as well as channels are the most important features, as I would like to be able to track where my advertisements are doing the best, and experiment with them throughout the day, rather than just making changes once a day among all of my sites. It really looks like they are getting their stuff together over at Chitika and I can’t wait to see how they progress.

Sign up for your Chitika eMiniMalls account. (my affiliate link used)

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Great Designers Realign

A List Apart has some new articles up today, one of them being Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign, by the famous Cameron Moll.

In the article they go over how many designers are no longer redesigning sites from scratch anymore, but keeping the same overall feel of a site, and tuning it into a better client/customer experience.

In direct contrast to the Redesigners, the Realigners cite strategic objectives and user needs as reasons to consider a site overhaul:

Market trends have shifted. Should our website be adjusted accordingly?
Our users’ needs have changed. Do we need to adapt?
We’ve added 3 new sections and a slew of new content to the site over the last 12 months. Are we presenting content as effectively as we can?
Our current website does little to convey the strength of our product offering.
Does our online presence enhance or devalue our overall brand perception?

Thus, the differences between Redesigners and Realigners might be summarized as follows: The desire to redesign is aesthetic-driven, while the desire to realign is purpose-driven.

I am currently more of a redesigner that is limited by the content management software I use. I can’t fully redesign every element as the software outputs information in a pretty specific way, and without a deeper understanding of WordPress, I cannot make the major overhauls that some publishers are currently doing.

What kind of designer are you?

Read more from A List Apart’s article.

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