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BlogTopSites Joins Bloggy Network

I am proud to announce that BlogTopSites has joined Bloggy Network.

My idea with Bloggy Network has never been to be just another run of the mill blog network. Blogs on different topics on different domains, all linking to the main site….while that’s nice, I believe blogging is a whole lot more than that. Part of the fun is showing off your blog, or finding new blogs. That is why I am making this network more than just simply blogs.

This is why I am so excited about BlogTopSites. The pre-emptive comparison site, it lets you add your blog and compare how popular your blog is in its category. Its not about the numbers, its about the rank. With almost 5000 sites already joined, proudly wear your popularity ranking on your website. You can register right here.

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  1. says: 10/6/2005

    Did you buy it?

  2. Jacob says: 10/6/2005

    No, I started it with a friend a couple of months back.

  3. matt says: 10/7/2005

    This site has really gone to crap since you took over. You’re spending far too much time creating a breadth of sites rather than retaining the quality of the sites that you bought.

    I hope this is just growing pains, and that you are planning to actually start posting more than a couple tips/week on here. Might be time for me to look to another source for wordpress tips.

    Good luck.


  4. Jacob says: 10/7/2005

    Yes, in fact it is growing pains. I’m going to have someone start posting here while I finish up school. It is keeping me busy, then I can take a more active role in this site.

  5. shorty114 says: 10/9/2005

    Your posts are getting trackback spam like crazy…

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