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WordPress Plugin: bsuite_geocode

Here’s a nice geo plugin that makes use of Google Maps. From the author:

I’m a big fan of the WP Geo plugin, but I want more.

My biggest complaint is that I want to insert coordinates using Google Maps or MultiMap URLs, rather than insert them in the modified story editor. So I wrote a bit of code that reads through the URLs in a post, finds the “” or “” URLs, fishes the latitude and longitude out of them, and adds some geocoding tags to the body of the post.

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  1. the english guy says: 10/6/2005

    Is anyone here anymore?

    You are getting comments from spammers by the dozen, are you doing anything about that? I sent you some emails the other day for new WordPress themes but nothing gets put up – is this site dead?

  2. Jacob says: 10/6/2005

    Spam cleaned up.

    I am here. No matter what I do, it seems like I haven’t had enough time to post. This last semester of school is turning out to be more time consuming than I thought. I’m considering hiring a blogger in the meantime though, so I don’t have to keep upsetting people :P

  3. nickel says: 10/6/2005

    You really need to do something about this spam (aside from deleting it, I mean). I highly recommend both Bad Behavior and Spam Karma. The former keeps spambots from accessing your site, while the latter filters your comments/trackbacks.

  4. Jacob says: 10/7/2005

    Spam Karma had some problems for me, but Bad Behavior installed. Thanks for the tip.

  5. says: 10/7/2005

    I’ve also heard that wp-hashcash works well for spam, but haven’t tried it myself.


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