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WordPress Plugin: Draftlets

Bryan Veloso has released a new plugin for WordPress called Draftlets.

What are draftlets?
Well, here is Bryan’s own words on that:

Draflets allow you, the admin, to notify your co-authors (or anybody you want really) about drafts you create, and drafts you update. So say you have this great idea, but you’d like to share it with your colleagues, instead of having to email or IM them with a link and have them log into the system, it does it for you. That way, they can either critique it and get back to you, or work on it themselves if it’s a collaborative effort. So why? I felt that group blogs would be able to find this useful, because everybody (who elects to) will be in the know about what ideas are on the table.

Pick up this great new plugin at

Thanks Zach for pointing it out.

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