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Bloglines Adds Hotkeys

I went into today, and saw they had added hotkeys for my browsing enjoyment.

I was able to continually click “s” to move to my next subscription and go through my feeds without moving my mouse off the slider to move down and up.

It saved me a pretty good amount of time.

Incase you are wondering, the hotkets are as follows:

  • j – next article
  • k – previous article
  • s – next sub
  • f – next folder
  • A – read all
  • r – refresh left pane

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  1. Alexander Kintis says: 10/20/2005

    I saw this post on a few other blogs. In my opinion, however, I feel that it is better for the “power user.” For regular users who occasionally glance at the entries and take the information and run, it’s nothing special.

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