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WordPress Plugin: eMiniMalls in Post has a plugin that allows you to put Chikita eMiniMalls right in your blog posts, easily.

The plugin is very straightforward. Put it in your wp-content/plugins directory, then go to your Plugins configuration page and click Activate. Once you activate the plugin, you will see a new button on your Quicktags toolbar. The new button is eMiniMall. Click it to insert the eMiniMall tag.

Don’t forget you can use eMiniMalls and Google Adsense, as long as the eMiniMalls are not contextual.

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  1. Ariane says: 10/17/2005

    The plugin from x74 is nice, but quite broken (read comments on the page). I have posted a fixed upgrade that also allows to embed several Chitika ads in a post, and that automatically makes them Adsense compliant.

Performancing Metrics
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