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Technorati Dead? I think not.

Technorati has been put down like crazy over the past couple of months. The criticism mainly came from the majority of searches not being able to be completed due to a heavy server load. While I didn’t like the fact that their server was down, I still sympathized with them. If you’ll take a look at their growth based on their Alexa chart, their traffic has more than doubled since June. I sympathized with them purely because of the fact that to handle twice the traffic they were handling before June, on a site that already servers a whole lot of people, it isn’t easy. You can’t just add another server to the mix and let it be. Things are a whole lot more complicated than that for an operation that big. Although maybe they should have planned a little better, sometimes you just aren’t prepared. It reminds of that commercial a few years ago when a new company and its employees were standing in front of a computer and they clicked launch. They immediately started getting orders and they were all smiles, that is until the number of orders went through the roof.

Anyway, the point of this is, I don’t see why people were so harsh on them in the first place, and I think they could use a positive post. While I was annoyed with them at times, and would go to other sites to do blog search, now I purely use Technorati again. Everything again seems to be in working order. I never get search errors any more, and in fact, everything overall seems to be working quite well. Maybe I’m being a little biased since I’ve been a long time user, but I just like them a little better than the competitors out there. Anyway, to each his own. I’ve been wanting to stand up for them for a while, it was just kind of hard while they were having all those problems. Keep up the good work Dave!

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  1. David Sifry says: 10/28/2005

    Hey, thanks a lot for the kind words. We have put A LOT of time in to making the site much more scalable and also staying ahead of any performance bottlenecks before they become issues. I’m just happy that you’re back to using Technorati regularly again and that we can be of service to you.


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