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WordPress Plugin: Hashcash 3.0 BETA

Hashcash, a popular comment spam protection application, has been updated to 3.0 and is currenty in Beta.

Here is the information from Elliot Back’s website:

I am pleased to announce WordPress Hashcash 3.0 Beta. In particular, it fixes several bugs from the previous release:

  • Randomly occuring timeouts because of long computations to create large chunks of javascript
  • Randomly occuring browser crashes because of long javascript
  • All javascript is O(ln(n)) or better with respect to the length of the secret
  • Brute force guessing no longer works
  • Distributed brute force guessing will not work. A machine can only make 4 guesses before it’s locked out, so to find the secret key with .01% probability you’d need 5,613 machines working on it.
  • Blocking of trackbacks

Check it out at Elliot Back’s Website

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