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WordPress Theme: Kiwi

A new theme, which is almost a total makeover for a WordPress blog, has been released under the name Kiwi.

It is currently in beta, though the release has a 1.0b r19 (1.0 beta, revision 19?) release number attached to it.

Kiwi is the product of a month-and-a-half long adventure in theme building, and an attempt to help a few of you out there break the mold.

Simply put, Kiwi is a theme, but it’s a bit more than your average theme. Embedded inside are a few nifty tools that give the user the freedom to change the layout structure and components without delving into the code, and — hopefully — make navigating the site a bit more interesting for the reader.

To understand more of what Kiwi is about and looks like head on over to No One’s Listening

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  1. KETTANEH says: 10/28/2005

    good blog :)