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eMiniMalls Adds New Features

Jensense has all the details on what is going on with some new features released for the Chitika eMiniMalls service.

Background Colors
Things they have added include background colors. In your control panel, you will now find a color picker you can use to select custom background colors.

Or if you don’t want to use the control panel simply add this line: (replacing the CCCCCC with the color you want to use of course)

ch_color_bg = “#CCCCCC”;

Though it looks like images will all still have white backgrounds, which will look a little out of place. Jensense writes that she has been assured that they are working on a fix to change this.

Browser Issues
I guess some people were having issues with the advertisements in Firefox 1.5 Beta (and probably Flock then as well), but those issues have now been fixed.

Ad Interface Changes
Right from Jensense:

You may have noticed that the advertiser now has a more prominent placement in the ad units now. This has been done to increase conversions for the merchants, which should relate into a higher CTR for publishers, particularly when “trusted merchants” are being shown.

Changes to the Product Image
Here is one chance I am not very excited about. Curiosity clicks, or clicking on the picture without any knowledge of the product or intention to buy was a helpful thing as it could have actually increased turn over, as viewers were introduced to prodcuts. They have removed this stating that if someone is interested they will click a valid link to view the product information.

As Jen mentioned on her site, I also think it would be interesting to know just how frequently the image was clicked compared to the regular link.

Adding eMiniMalls to Blogs
Again right from Jensense:

You can now automatically insert your blog entry titles as your eMiniMalls keywords into MT and WP blogs by using the following:

On MT insert the following code:

ch_query = “<? $MTEntryTitle$ ?>”;
On WP insert the following code:

ch_query = “<? php the_title(); ?>”;

You simply paste that into your eMiniMalls script. A nice feature add-on for bloggers.

Other things that have changed are that contextual is now turned off by default, which means you need to either turn it on, or change your keywords. The default keywords are currently digital cameras, iPod Mini, Sony Playstation, and Dell Laptop.

Things to Come
Jen also mentions some changes, and additions that will soon be hitting the eMiniMalls feature listing that will most definetly make it more adaptable.

There will be channel support launched soon, for publishers who want to track earnings across pages, directories or sites.

eMiniMalls for Verticals which would include eMiniMalls for Books & eMiniMalls for Travel. They are designed to perform better for sites in those niches.

And last but not least, they are working on a speedier turn around time for accessing stats.

For me the stats speed upgrade as well as channels are the most important features, as I would like to be able to track where my advertisements are doing the best, and experiment with them throughout the day, rather than just making changes once a day among all of my sites. It really looks like they are getting their stuff together over at Chitika and I can’t wait to see how they progress.

Sign up for your Chitika eMiniMalls account. (my affiliate link used)

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