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WordPress Theme: fGreen

A theme based off another theme by the same designer comes fGreen. The template it is based on is fBlue, a currently released, beautiful theme.

The designer, Fredrik Fahlstad, said if there is enough interest, he will release fGreen. I think both fGreen and fBlue are beautiful themes, and I hope fGreen does soon get released.

thanks to ch0de for the link.

Update: My thanks go to Fredrik for releasing the theme. To grab your copy head on over to

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WordPress Plugin: Code Autoescape

There are a few plugins to help you put code in your WordPress blogging posts, and now there is one more, a new one from Priyadi with some great proofs on the site.

He is also nice enough to list off some similar plugins. The WordPress community always has choices, which is great.

Check out the plugin over at Priyadi’s Place.

The best note on this plugin is in the comments:

Comment by Viper007Bond
Okay, I’m officially killing “my” plugin, pointing people here, and using your’s from now on. It’s WAY better.

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WordPress Theme: 3 Column Relaxation

A theme based on the 2 Column Relaxation theme comes the 3 column theme, allowing room for images, lists and whatnot.

The theme features a 3rd column which can be entirely used for your own purposes. I use the 3rd column for a preview of my Flickr photos, the most recent purchased CDs and the books I read lately.

One of the great things about the theme is that it has some great documentation, a nice F.A.Q. sheet, and some great Creative Commons header images.

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New Writer for Blogging Pro

Hi everyone, David here. I just wanted to say how excited I am about being able to write on here. I love the WordPress software, I love blogging, and I hope I can point out some great resources, tools, and tips that can help bring your blog to the level you want it to be at.

I have been using WordPress since its 0.72 release, and as much as I am not a programming master like many of the great WordPress users, I will hopefully find some great resources and news for everyone. If you have any tips, tutorials, themes, or anything else that you would like to see on this great, site, let me know.

As I said on my own website, I used to use this site as a resource for the latest in WordPress news, and I hope to bring it back to its roots in that respect.

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Chitika eMiniMalls

The big ad network of the day is Chitika. Their new mini-malls format has been getting rave reviews from just about everyone.

The concensus is that the eMiniMalls provide a lower click through rate, but a higher rate per click. I have recently signed up to have the ads on my site, but don’t take my word for it as many big names have said some good and bad things about the ads.

Darren has a great overview on how the Chitika ads are doing for him saying:

As you can see from the numbers – I have reason to be pretty excited about eMiniMalls. If these numbers continue they have more than doubled my daily earnings and taken them to a level that is over $1000 per day. This is less than some of the bigger blog networks out there but for an ordinary guy like me who has only been at this blogging thing for under 3 years – I have to say that I’m quite stunned.

Jensense also has an opinion on the new advertisements, with many samples of how they look.

Stats are a bit behind the times, but I have been assured they will be improved. Right now, they are updated at the end of the day. There unfortunately is not any channel data or URL tracking, making it hard to guage what pages or sites are performing the best. The reports currently give publishers date, impressions, clicks, and revenue data. All stats are unaudited at this time, they audit for any fraudulent activity at the end of the month.

Here is what an advertisement looks like:

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WordPress Plugin: Draftlets

Bryan Veloso has released a new plugin for WordPress called Draftlets.

What are draftlets?
Well, here is Bryan’s own words on that:

Draflets allow you, the admin, to notify your co-authors (or anybody you want really) about drafts you create, and drafts you update. So say you have this great idea, but you’d like to share it with your colleagues, instead of having to email or IM them with a link and have them log into the system, it does it for you. That way, they can either critique it and get back to you, or work on it themselves if it’s a collaborative effort. So why? I felt that group blogs would be able to find this useful, because everybody (who elects to) will be in the know about what ideas are on the table.

Pick up this great new plugin at

Thanks Zach for pointing it out.

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Webloog Shut Down Due to Security Concerns

It looks like a popular weblog hosting service,, has closed its doors for now citing security concerns with the WordPress Multi-user software.

Currently on the homepage it reads: has been closed due to security risks in the WordPress MU application.

Sorry for the inconvenience

And posted on the WordPress Hackers newsgroup:

Just letting you know i am halting service. A friend of mine that does security detection and repair for corporations told me of some nasty holes in the wordpress MU program. Within the 10 minutes he looked he found 13 holes to get into the server…who knows how many more there are. I had to let my host know about the access he did on the server so they are making me end the program asap also i dont want the potential of someone killing my host and other sites i run.

No doubt any blogging application will have security holes, and especially ones making use of external applications, and depending on the access you give the user to do what they please with their blog, you are opening yourself up to a certain amount of risk.

I am sad to see close their doors, and hopefully the WordPress community will band together, and fix up the Multi-user version of WordPress so that more communities than just the invite-only community spring up around what I consider to be a great piece of software.

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BlogTopSites Joins Bloggy Network

I am proud to announce that BlogTopSites has joined Bloggy Network.

My idea with Bloggy Network has never been to be just another run of the mill blog network. Blogs on different topics on different domains, all linking to the main site….while that’s nice, I believe blogging is a whole lot more than that. Part of the fun is showing off your blog, or finding new blogs. That is why I am making this network more than just simply blogs.

This is why I am so excited about BlogTopSites. The pre-emptive comparison site, it lets you add your blog and compare how popular your blog is in its category. Its not about the numbers, its about the rank. With almost 5000 sites already joined, proudly wear your popularity ranking on your website. You can register right here.

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WordPress Plugin: bsuite_geocode

Here’s a nice geo plugin that makes use of Google Maps. From the author:

I’m a big fan of the WP Geo plugin, but I want more.

My biggest complaint is that I want to insert coordinates using Google Maps or MultiMap URLs, rather than insert them in the modified story editor. So I wrote a bit of code that reads through the URLs in a post, finds the “” or “” URLs, fishes the latitude and longitude out of them, and adds some geocoding tags to the body of the post.

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