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WordPress Plugin: [ANN] Quick Post

Ever read one of your past posts and want to make a post right then and there talking more about that subject? Well, [ANN] Quick Post is trying to satisfy that need.

I’m releasing version 1.0 of a plugin called Quick Post that provides a one-function, theme-aware “simple” posting form.

Coupled with some JavaScript (the show/hide JavaScript method is included!), this lets you put an easily accessible and collapsable post form anywhere on the blog. I use it in a blog I manage to provide the authors with a small post form in the sidebar that they can show if they want to quickly write a post.

As I mentioned above, the plugin is theme-aware and will load its controlling style sheet from the current theme directory if it can find it. Otherwise it will load its default style sheet from the plugin directory.

Jump on over to to get more information on it and download the plugin.

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WordPress Plugin: Expiring Posts and Pages

Have you ever wanted to only have a page up for a week or two? How about showing off a post for a limited time only? Interesting feature, finally put into plugin form.

This plugin filters the posts, hiding the expired ones from the site only and *NOT* from admin section too!

The post expiration is triggered by the custom field expiration attached to the post. If expiration is *NOT* set then that post will never expire.

Get the code over at

And feel free to discuss it in’s support forum for this topic.

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WordPress Plugin: Friends RSS Aggregator

I would explain this plugin, but the creator of it does it much better than I:

Friends RSS Aggregator (FRA) WordPress plugin was built to enable a WordPress installation to have a friends page. By creating a group of friends’ weblog links with RSS/Atom URIs in a particular link category, a user can display an aggregated list of posts by date or name. The word ‘Friends’ in the plugin is also a bit of a misnomer since the plugin is by no means limited to aggregating just friends’ weblogs; FRA allows aggregation of any group of links (that specify RSS URIs) in a link category.

Have a look at the Project Page for more information.

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WordPress Plugin: smiletag

Another new shoutbox application that can easily be added to WordPress. It is not a plugin yet, but it really struck me as interesting, and as with anything that there are many of, one more just adds to the choices and opportunities.

smiletag is a free (GPL License) shoutbox written in PHP. Interactive, easy to use, mini-message board with powerful template system.

Currently these are the features of smiletag :

  • Powerful template system, easy-to-modify templates using only simple tags, no programming skills required.
  • Smart auto-refresh, automagically refreshes whenever a new message is posted, this is done using Ajax technology.
  • No database is needed, uses flat file (XML) for storage.
  • Profanity filters, easily add your own custom words to filter as well.
  • Flood guard, stop spammer from flooding your board.
  • IP Address/Nick banning, support for both manual and automatic banning.
  • Customizable smilies, you can add your own images as many as you want.
  • Time Zone Control, sets the time zone to any GMT offset.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Email/URL recognition, automatically convert any email or url into link.
  • Custom CSS File, you have complete control for your board look and feel.

Grab all the info at

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WordPress Theme: Meteora

Meteora is a two column theme with some generous use of some graphics. The greatest thing about it comes from its own information:

This file includes the banner photoshop file and necessary fonts.

A rare find in WordPress themes. Kudos to Hasin Hayder, the creator of Metora.

Grab it at

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WordPress Plugin: Alphabetical Plugins

Plugins are not sorted alphabetically currently, and if you have many of them installed it gets to be a little difficult to find the one you want. In steps Viper007Bond and his plugin which remedies that.

After learning that in WordPress v2.0 (the upcoming version of WordPress that was previously known as v1.6), the plugin management page would still sort plugins by directory and filename rather than the plugin’s name (which makes a lot more sense to me), I decided to write this plugin.

It creates a sub-page on the plugin management page in the admin area that’s exactly like the original, except that the plugins are sorted alphabetically rather than by directory & filename.

More info on his site, as well as a download link.

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WordPress Theme: Abstrakt

A nice two column theme based on Wheat Grass has been released. A changed header, and some tweaks of the css as well as a top level menu right under the header have been added, and bring this theme into its own.

Till then all can enjoy my first Abstract theme – Abstrakt based on Wheat Grass theme by Michael. The new redesigned theme features a great header and two menus ( Top level Menu and Side Level Menu ).

Get more information on Abstrakt at

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WordPress Plugin: Google World Map Plugin

An interesting plugin, useful for those travelling or those that want to keep track of places they have eaten and what they thought. I don’t know how useful it would be for me, but it is interesting.

This is the documentation page for a plugin I’ve made for WordPress. This plugin allows you to create a special page for your blog where your wordpress posts appear on a google world map. Why would you want to do that? Well for various reasons, some basic ones being:

  • If you blog on the road, keep track of where you blogged from.
  • If you review a restaurant / art exhibition / concert etc, show us where you are talking about.
  • If you are blogging about something that can be related to a specific place (e.g. a past holiday, something that caught your eye in the news) you can put it on the map.

Read about and Download the Plugin

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WordPress Theme: Involution

The original! Well, not really. If you always wanted to make your site look like mine, now you can! It seems to work under Firefox, IE, and Opera though. This stuff has been running since 1999 mostly. I hacked some new CSS this year to replace the entry layout. It’s all done with divs and css now instead of copious tables. I stole the rounded edges from PHP Nuke’s Slash Ocean, but I photoshopped them slightly, so I guess they’re mine now.

Download it over at

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WordPress Theme: triSexuality Standard

A theme that is getting major thumbs up from the WordPress Support forums is triSexuality, a three column theme that has some real “punch” to it.

triSexuality Standard is an unpersonalized version of the very layout that I use here. It is a non-standard 3-column design that follows the wide-thin-thin idea rather than the normal thin-wide-thin design that most layouts of this type use. The colors are easy on the eyes, attractive and a lot of fun.

Download it at but have a look at it at first.

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