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WordPress Plugin: [ANN] Quick Post

Ever read one of your past posts and want to make a post right then and there talking more about that subject? Well, [ANN] Quick Post is trying to satisfy that need.

I’m releasing version 1.0 of a plugin called Quick Post that provides a one-function, theme-aware “simple” posting form.

Coupled with some JavaScript (the show/hide JavaScript method is included!), this lets you put an easily accessible and collapsable post form anywhere on the blog. I use it in a blog I manage to provide the authors with a small post form in the sidebar that they can show if they want to quickly write a post.

As I mentioned above, the plugin is theme-aware and will load its controlling style sheet from the current theme directory if it can find it. Otherwise it will load its default style sheet from the plugin directory.

Jump on over to to get more information on it and download the plugin.

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