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WordPress Theme: Eclectic

I am not really a fan of the colors used in Eclectic, but the design and plugin support make it look pretty tempting.

Using Eclectic a blogger can group his/her content into 3 very broad “categories,” all of which share time on the main page (although the most recent gets a bit more space). Further categorization and is achieved using tags, with a tag cloud of the 35 most popular tags at the bottom of every page. Another feature that is geared towards targeting readers is the inclusion in individual posts of only those links that pertain to the same category.

As far as the personal part goes Eclectic features a space below the header for 4 content boxes used for a brief bio, recently played music, links, and random photo, respectively. 2 of these features (recently played music and random photo) use the included plugins WP-Audioscrobbler and FAlbum. If you prefer to use the boxes for something else you will need to remove the includes.

Have a look at it
Get information and Download it

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WordPress 2.0 Plugins

The users of WordPress 2.0 Beta have put up a Wiki page to allow everyone to post which plugins are still working and which ones are breaking in the new WordPress version. It looks like many plugins will not need any update at all to continue doing what they do best, enhance WordPress.

One of the ones that do not work is the Tiger Administration Plugin, but last I heard Steve Smith of OrderedList (the creator) is looking to have it ready for the full WordPress 2.0 release, so don’t worry if some of your favourites don’t work as the community will fix them, and what I have heard from most people is that the fixes are usually quite simple.

Check out the WordPress 2.0 Plugin Compatibility List.

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WordPress Theme: vSlider 1.0

Have a look at It is currently using the vSlider theme. Can you guess why?

Let me give you a hint, click the little oval over on the right hand side of the title area.

Some of the features include:

  • Very complete, with custom templates for archives listing, search results, 404 page, list of used plugins and other handy details.
  • Built-in random header image – no plugin required.
  • Includes JS code to fix many of the problems related to PNG transparency in IE.

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WordPress Theme: Impact 2.0

The creator of the theme said it all in his recent post in the board:

Impact is a WordPress(1.5) theme – fast-loading, with a minimum of images and scope for customisation.

2 column 760px fixed width, right hand sidebar
Default installation is W3C valid xhtml,
Text ads easily dropped into place

At present, Impact exists in two versions:

1. Fixed color scheme (7 colors to choose from)
2. Impact(Switcher) – user-defined stylesheet switcher, with persistent sessions

This is one to check out, so have a look at it over at

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WordPress 2.0 Beta 2

Showing the speed that the WordPress team can move and how quickly a full 2.0 release might be upon us, Matt Mullenweg has already approved Beta 2 of the WordPress 2.0 blogging software.

Feel free to grab it at

Again, please don’t use this for your primary blog, it is still in Beta.

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eMiniMalls Ad Unit Redesign

What a mess Chitika is right now, trying to balance the needs of the advertiser with the needs of the publisher. Jensense goes over the new controversy over at, and quotes the changes from Chitika’s website.

To help filter out so-called “curiosity clicks” that typically do not lead to conversions on the merchants’ side, we updated the eMiniMalls units to drive qualified clicks. Hence, eMiniMalls users will notice a dip in the overall click through rate (and hence the overall revenue).

While we do strongly believe that in the long run everyone will benefit from our efforts to optimize this eMiniMalls (beta) service, we do recognize that in the short term this might lead to potential drops in revenue for some of our publishers. To best compensate for any potential revenue loss, we are issuing a network-wide 10% bonus through the end of November.

On my personal blog, I currently use eMiniMalls in a very prominant position and for me it is currently bringing in around the same as Google Adsense was in the same spot. I don’t consider this a success or a failure, and I might just change my code to switch back and forth between the two ad programs in the same ad spot. It could be a great way to decrease ad-blindness in my readers.

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No more waiting for invites from friends, or downloading software to get access… is open and live.

I have tried this system myself, and think it is great, especially those suffering with Typepad, or Blogger, and want to try something different.

Read up on it at and get your blog at

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WordPress 2.0 Beta

WordPress is doing another version jump as they move from what was supposed to be a 1.5 to 1.6 update, they have moved it up to 2.0 to show how many changes have been completed since the 1.5 release.

It should be interesting to see how long it takes before it goes from Beta to full release, as from what I have heard, the Beta is almost complete as is.

Do not use the Beta as your primary blog, and if you want a download of it, you should probably be part of the WordPress Hackers mailing list… or grab the nightly build of it at

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WordPress Theme: Tan

A beautiful photoblog theme for WordPress is out and it is called Tan. It suits its name by being designed in a beige type color and is really slick.

It positions everything as a photoblog should be while keeping wordpress alive. There are some plugins requested to have it work correctly, but all in all its a theme worth checking out if you are working on a photoblog.

You can view a demo:
and download it:

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WordPress Theme: Squible

Squible is a theme to the extreme as it is a very different blog design based around a group of supported plug-ins. A very interesting theme that you really have to see to understand how different it is. I see many “higher echelon” bloggers going towards this kind of design and set-up.

The purpose of theme (besides putting out something that’s different from the herd) is to promote the use of social networking within WordPress. How? By including the tag system I built that sits on top of WordPress categories into the theme. Other neat features include an advanced layout, support for multiple plugins, the ability for registered users to add tags, livesearch, ajax commenting and an archives page with support for extended live archives.

Have a look at it at:
Download it at:

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