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WordPress Plugin: Picture Frame 1.0

A really interesting plugin from

I have released Picture Frame 1.0. I would like to thank all those that gave me feedback after I posted version 0.8. Some of the new features are:

  • Custom frame specification for each image.
  • Auto frame setting so existing post images can be left alone by setting auto frame to false.
  • Post-wide options for auto applying frames or not (overrides the above setting).
  • Resize images to fit frame.

Check it out over on the information page:

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WordPress Theme: Gigadesign

The theme did not have a name as far as I could tell, but it had to be mentioned, as it looks, in my opinion, spectacular.

The core files do use some Dutch language however, but don’t let that stop you.

See it here and then go grab it here.

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WordPress Plugin: Istrania Autumn

David Arias contacted us letting Blogging Pro know of a new theme that he has come up with, Istrania Autumn, a brown 2 column theme is now available for download.

I’m proud to announce the release of Istrania Autumn v 0.3 English version for WordPress latest version. This release adds only Plugin Support for plugins like Gravatar, Time Since, Live Comments Preview and others

View it here.
Download it here.

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WordPress Theme: Cerealport

Do you like Fruitloops? Well, a new theme is taking advantage of that called Cerealport. It is a bit glaring on the eyes, but it does have some redeeming features. If it was made into a more business like color and image scheme, I am sure it would rock pretty hard in the WordPress community.

Check it out at

Download it here

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WordPress Plugin: Force SSL

Almost Effortless has released a plugin that redirects to HTTPS instead of the unsecure HTTP connection. Interesting idea for those that need that extra bit of security and have an SSL certificate.

We’re rather pleased to announce our second plugin for the famed WordPress semantic publishing system. It’s called Force SSL, and it’s a handy little thing. For those will an SSL certificate, this plugin forces an HTTPS connection for security purposes.

Perhaps you’re interested in the PHP scripting technique that makes all of this possible? Maybe you don’t feel like taking a look at the source code, and you’d like a little help right quick?

Force SSL simply redirects requests made via regular old http to requests for trusty new https, and that’s about it.

For more information, click here.

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WordPress Plugin: Fuzzy Recent Posts

Semiologic has been updating his great plugins lately, and Fuzzy Recent Posts just got an update, and deserves a mention.

The fuzzy recent posts plugin is a WordPress tile that displays the most recently posted entries on your blog.

It shares the fuzzy recent updates and the fuzzy recent comments plugins’ key features:

  • Its fuzzy notion of “recent posts” will automatically adjust the number of posts based on how frequently you update your blog
  • It features a auto_display method
  • It features built-in caching
  • It features a slick admin menu

Check out the information page and download it.

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One in Five Teens Have Own Blogs

It’s getting pretty main stream to have a blog, or atleast know someone that has a blog. I still know people that don’t know what a blog is, and I sometimes feel a little strange about calling some of the sites I write for “blogs”.

Yahoo News recently published an article that says around 20% of the teens surveyed have a blog. That is a pretty large percentage in my opinion. Though since most blogs only last a week, like many teen interests, I am sure the real bloggers out there will have plenty of room in the blog community.

Nearly three in five school-age teens with Internet access have created online content, including Web pages with artwork, photos and stories — and about a fifth have their own blogs, which also allow friends and other readers to create feedback postings.

Those are some of the findings from a survey of 12- to 17-year-olds conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

The survey also found that older school-age girls with online access were most likely to keep a blog. About a quarter of girls, ages 15 to 17, did so, compared with 15 percent of boys in that age group.

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WordPress Plugin: Smart Comments Link for 1.5

Sometimes the smallest changes are the most profound and Ryanne Lai decided to take it upon himself to update the Smart Comments Link plugin that did not work in version 1.5.

The smart comments plugin written by Patrick was not compatible with the newer WordPress 1.5 version which I’m currently using. So I opened the file, modified it, and voila! A new version is born.

From Smart Comments Link:

Smart Comments Link is a hack that conditionally executes comments_popup_link() depending on the post comments status. If comments are closed and there are no comments entered on the post, the link will not display. This cleans up closed posts, saving your readers a click.

Grab the plugin at d. otted rhythm.

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WordPress Plugin: Noteworthy

A plugin much used and admired by Michael Heilemann of Binary Bonsai fame, has finally been released to the general public.

The Noteworthy plugin allows you to mark any post as noteworthy (i.e. of interest). Once a post has been marked as noteworthy an icon will be displayed under the post’s heading. As the plugin uses the category system in WordPress it is an easy task of displaying a list of all noteworthy posts by viewing the selected ‘Noteworthy’ category.

Get it at

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WordPress Theme: AC-Nucleus

Some people are really quick to learn a new piece of software and release something for it, and Stephano from AfterConcept is one of them. After one week of using WordPress, he has already released his first theme.

After using WordPress for a week now, I have finished my first theme. This was just a training excercise, for getting used to the WP template system. I decided to release it, for all the other WP users to enjoy.

It is a grey/yellow theme, based on the default theme of Nucleus CMS. There are no images used, so it’s a nice lightweight.

It’s released under GNU General Public License (GPL), so you can use and edit it in any way you want. I’m looking to improve, so give me some suggestions and I’ll consider it.

Get it over at

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