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Tiger Admin for WordPress 2.0

The Tiger Admin Plugin is out for WordPress 2.0. A big thanks goes to Steve Smith, the creator of the plugin/theme.

It only works in good browsers, sorry IE people. As soon as I heard it was out, thanks to my feeds, I jumped on getting it and installation was a snap.

WordPress 2.0 has been officially released, and on it’s tails comes an update for WordPress Tiger Admin, the plugin that does a complete makeover on the Administrative interface. For those of you who have upgraded already, you can download the update now.

Grab the download at his site:

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Google Adsene Maintenance

Thanks to Jensense for the news. It looks like Google is busy working on maintenance on Adsense. No words on if they are introducing something new, or just improving and streamlining what is already there, but what is known is this:

While many of you may be on vacation this week, some of our engineers are working hard to ensure the performance and stability of AdSense. Occasionally this means taking down the main AdSense site ( for updates. At 8PM PST this Friday (12/30), it will be unavailable for up to 6 hours while we complete some engineering work. Of course, all your AdSense ads will still serve properly and all your stats and earnings will be recorded as usual. We’ll bring the site back up as soon as we can.

So if you can’t get into AdSense on Friday, you know why.

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WordPress Theme: Haizeak

A very blue two column theme has been released and already updated to version 2.0. Haizeak is a simple looking theme, and easily recognizeable.

I’ve had loads of emails asking for the Haizeak theme – so here you go – download a 40kb Zip here. Note that you’ll have to remove references to plugins I’m using – primarily on the sidebar, to avoid PHP errors. You can figure it out – if not, let me know.

Fully compatible across IE5.0 and Firefox – not going to worry about any other browsers to be honest; if you disagree, let me know.

Drop over to for more information and to download the theme.

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WordPress Plugin: subscribe2 2.2

Showing that the plugin developers are not far behind in the new upgrade to WordPress 2.0, many developers have updated their plugins for the new release. One such plugin is subscribe, now subscribe2.

This version has been written to work with WordPress 2.0, and includes a number of significant changes. Most exciting of all is the elimination of the subscribe.php helper file. subscribe2 now uses a simple token, , inside the body of any WordPress Page to display the form and handle confirmation requests. This should (hopefully) put an end to the sidebar and theme issues!

Additionally, version 2.2 trims down the complexity of the Options screen, and presents a vastly improved Management page. You can review your subscriber list in a number of ways, based on public versus registered user, as well per-category. You can send an email to various combinations of your subscribers under the Write->Mail Subscribers menu.

Look at the project page over at

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WordPress Theme: Artsemerging

Artsemerging is a nice WordPress theme because it includes the Photoshop file, presliced so that people can make their own designs fit the theme quickly. It is a two column theme, and is much like the old Kubrick theme with a distinctly brown look.

The design was first developed as a standard WP 2.0 theme, including archives, calendar and categories in the sidebar, and later adapted for our own use. The downloadable zip file includes:

  • original design, with different sidebars for posts, pages and single posts
  • our header and footer images of Bronwyn Lace’s work
  • layered Photoshop file (psd) to put in your own image; includes gradient, curved edges and “pre-cut” slices

Check it out over at

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The Top 10 interesting people in the Blogosphere in 2005

Blog Herald came out with a list of the top ten interesting people in the Blogosphere for 2005.

Some interesting people on the list. Some names I don’t recognize, but I assume since they are on the list I will hear more about them or from the companies they represent over the coming year.

The list is as follows:
1. Matt Mullenweg, WordPress
2. Mena Trott, Six Apart
3. Jason Calacanis, Weblogs Inc., (AOL)
4. Michelle Malkin
5. David Krug (aka Liberal Cowboy), Jack of All Blogs & the Team at Go Flock Yourself
6. Nick Denton, Gawker Media
7. Rupert Murdoch, News Corp
8. David Sifry, Technorati
9. Darren Rowse, b5media
10. Frank Warren, Post Secret

Head over to Blog Herald to read more on who they are and what puts them on the list.

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WordPress 2.0 Released

I had a few problems with it, but that was due to plugins more than anything else. WordPress 2.0 is finally out, and it is working rather well for most people.

There is some great information on the WordPress Support forum on the upgrade and whatnot.

It is very important to read this thread as it contains information that might save you many headaches.

Backing up your database is ESSENTIAL.

Read the instructions and get the information at

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WordPress Theme: Fundamental

Grey, white and blue, the Fundamental theme is a 2-column theme is light and easy to look at.

This theme is meant to take advantage of the entire browser real estate available to it by making the sidebar utilize the remaining width. This makes it an especially interesting theme for blogs which have lots of content in the sidebar that expands horizontally.

Apart from this it really a minimal theme ( compressed file size 9KB, uncompressed size 13KB approx).

Have a look at it over at and read more about it over at

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WordPress Theme: Automatic Midnight

Another darker theme here today, Automatic Midnight, is elegant and simple looking.

I designed Automatic Midnight to be a simple, flowing layout that was very minimal in color while showing nice contrast. It features a nice little tabbed comment system, automatic updates, is xhtml 1.0 Transitional compliant, css 2.0 compliant, and tableless. It’s a little different than most WordPress themes as it adds some statistics such as post count, comment count, and lists the posts with most comments down the side.

I suggest giving it a look at

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WordPress Theme: On Fire

An orange and black one column theme, On Fire was recently released.

Several features might stand out to you. There is an RSS “feed” button on the top right, built into the title bar (and controlled via CSS), and there are feed links on individual articles, especially for comments. The “title” along the top, and in the index for each article, alters itself to whatever page is being viewed so it fits within the width of the theme.

Check it out at

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