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WordPress Plugin: Spoiler Tags

Ever want to hide things, but you know people are too lazy to click on read more or put in a password? Well you can hide things by making the text and the background the same color, and use a mouse hover code to make it change when someone puts their mouse over the content, and that is exactly what has been created in plugin form.

This plugin gives the readers a chance not to accidentally read any spoiler information until they are prepared to do so. The tag is only legible once the user mouse’s over the content. It would be most useful for author’s who write movie reviews and would like to guard their reader’s from sensitive information such as plot twists or endings. Moreover, the colors are easily customizable using CSS.

How It Works

Once the plugin has been uploaded and activated, in any post or page, you simply can encapsulate your text with your text here. Neat, huh?

Head over to for information, examples and of course to download it.

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