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WordPress 2.0 Delayed Until the 26th

With concerns over support during the holiday season, the next version of WordPress has been delayed for a few days. This means that December 26th is the new release date, as many of the people that volunteer their time have said they will be available starting that day on both the forums and the IRC channel.

I think this was a smart move by Matt and the team, as many on the WP-Hackers mailing list were very worried about support, and testing recently fixed problems before releasing the new version on the world.

The few days of extra time will also give those doing internationalization of WordPress and it’s documentation a little extra time to get what they need to done, so that the new release can be a seamless as possible.

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WordPress Theme: WPAndreas07

The Andreas open source web designs are very popular, and the WordPress community is taking note, and rather than being left behind, I decided to take on the task of trying to convert Andreas07 into a working WordPress theme.

It was not easy, and it is not the prettiest, but with a little hard work, and some people helping me bug fix, I have no doubt that this could become one of the top fifty WordPress themes.

To check it out go to the WPAndreas07 post at

It is a two column design with lots of pink, and grey. Much more femine than I am used to working on. Getting the navigation to work at all was rather difficult, but it turned out okay in IE and Firefox.

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WordPress Theme: Automatic Midnight

A very dark theme, based in black and green, Automatic Midnight has some nice features including its tabbed comment system.

I designed Automatic Midnight to be a simple, flowing layout that was very minimal in color while showing nice contrast. It features a nice little tabbed comment system, is xhtml 1.0 Transitional compliant, css 2.0 compliant, and tableless. It’s a little different than most WordPress themes as it adds some statistics such as post count, comment count, and lists the posts with most comments down the side.

Check it out at

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WordPress 2.0 This Week

Matt let the WP-Hackers mailing list know that WordPress 2.0 will be released:

Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the phase of the moon.

Unfortunately that means that many people will be working this week on changing their things over to WordPress 2.0, leaving those that are not ready to upgrade behind. One such person changing over is Michael Heilemann and his K2 package which is not really a just a theme.

Source: Binary Bonsai

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WordPress Theme: Phoenixtheme

I have been writing on Blogging Pro for a long time now, and I have been watching the progress of themes out for the WordPress community, and I have finally worked on putting out my first theme.

Phoenixtheme is finally out. It is a graphically simple two column theme which is trying to highlight the content over everything else.

You can read more about it at

I have created a theme that looks very similar in both IE and Firefox, and I have done my best to make an easy to use theme. It should be easy to install. Just upload it to your themes folder and activate it in your admin panel.

As you can see the theme is graphically simple, having only 17KB of images, so the theme should be fast loading.

I want to thank those that helped as well as those that pushed me towards releasing it.

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WordPress Admin Theme: SpotMilk

I am happy to see that others are jumping on WordPress’ admin as it is not the most beautiful thing in the world. In my opinion no one is going to beat Tiger any time soon from Steve Smith, but SpotMilk is a very nice admin theme if you are already moved over to WordPress 2.0 and Tiger won’t work for you.

I’ve been using WordPress for three months now, but I never considered of modifying design of the default administration panel in WP probably because I believed in the Shuttle project aimed for a beautification of the WordPress administration panel. However, with the delay of the Shuttle completion (originally due in May, but now extended to sometime in summer), I felt the need of creating a theme for the WP admin panel. Basically, this theme was motivated by the theme from Not That Ugly Designs, which lacks readability and user friendly interface. Also, I’d like to thank Camino for his post pointing out the interface problems in the WP admin panel.

The SpotMilk theme is inspired by Spotlight on Mac OS X Tiger and the Milk theme by Max Rudberg, and the main layout is based on the default admin theme in WP 1.5 & 2.0.

Jump on over to to have a look at it.

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WordPress Theme: Think Different

This was a theme I designed about a year ago that wasn’t used by the client. I entered it into the Style Master 6th Anniversary CSS competition, and while it didn’t win, it received an honourable mention. After letting it sit a while longer, I decided it might make a great WordPress theme.

And that it does, with its mac-like look, it stands out as a simple theme for WordPress. It looks as though there is a trend lately towards more simple and effective themes, than throwing every graphic in existance on the site.

Check it out over at

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WordPress Theme: Modern

Ulf Pettersson has a great writeup for his new theme release: Modern.

Modern is a light, simple and modern theme for WordPress 1.5-2.0. Page links in Modern are layed out horizontally at the top—rather than in the sidebar—creating a clearer distinction between permanent and updated content. For this reason, it is not recommended to use a great deal of pages with this theme. Currently, only top-level pages are displayed in the top section—making it possible to exclude pages from appearing there.

Modern uses one slightly less common type-face—if present, the blog title is type set in Galliard (if not it downgrades gracefully). Only two image-files are used. The theme strives to use as semantic markup as possible and should validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.1. Modern has been tested in Opera 9.0 beta, Firefox 1.5 and Internet Explorer 6.0.

Check it out over at

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WordPress Theme: Eastview

Kaushal Sheth has released another theme, this time with a distinctly Asian feel. It is a two column design with a simple but effective look.

As promised , here is another variant of Blue Horizon theme. This time the themes comes with an Asian Flavour and features a new tab menu.

Check out the Demo at:

And Read about the theme and download it at:

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WordPress Theme: WPAndreas03

There seems to be more and more themes coming out every day, and some of them are being converted from great open source designs into WordPress themes. WPAndreas03 is one such theme. A 2 column primarily blue and white theme, WPAndreas03 was recently released.

To celebrate the launch of WordPress Themes, I’m releasing WPAndreas03 – the theme uses. Based on an original design by Andreas Viklund, I’ve worked on it for about a week getting it ready for WordPress.

WPAndreas03 features support for The Bunny’s Technorati Tags, as well as disabled support for ThemeSwitcher.

Grab it over at

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