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WordPress Theme: RevvedUp

Here’s the lowdown on RevvedUp:

  • fully laid out using semantic HTML and CSS stylesheets — no tables used
  • validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • its visual style is completely driven by stylesheets — the theme’s layout can be altered substantially by changing a few lines in the main stylesheet
  • font sizes are not fixed — even on Internet Explorer, your readers can resize the fonts to help them read better
  • it makes use of elegant semitransparent PNGs
  • includes custom pages for directory indexes, Apache error pages, and a complete archive page
  • several WordPress plugins have been conditionally integrated — if a plugin is available and enabled, its features will appear automatically, no editing needed
  • elegant two-column sidebar layout
  • enhanced with JavaScript events (and still, it does not require JavaScript from your readers)
  • well-organized stylesheets for you to peruse and edit
  • distributed under the GNU GPL, version 2
  • compatible with WordPress 2.0
  • plugins supported out-of-the-box:
    • bsuite
    • Days since birth
    • FancyTooltips
    • Fold Page List
    • Gravatars
    • Bread Crumb Trail Generator
    • LMB^Box Comment Quicktags
    • Optimal Title
    • Recent Comments
    • Related Posts
    • Search Reloaded
    • Subscribe me
    • Useronline
    • Jalenack’s Wordspew
    • WordPress XHTML validator

Well, I don’t think I need to say any more than that, so go check out the three column theme at

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WordPress Plugin: CMD Avatars

I have wanted to use a plugin much like this at various points for multi-author blogs, and finally one has been created that would allow me to attach pictures to each user that posts.

I felt sure that there must be an avatars plug-in somewhere (that didn’t use Gravatars or something else) but alas I couldn’t find one anywhere…
As a result we now have my avatars plug-in which anyone is free to use and abuse…

Basically this plug-in enables registered users to upload an avatar and have it display next to posts and coments…

Check it out at Cheese Master Dan’s site and let him know if you have any problems, or concerns.

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WordPress Plugin: WP Shop

Many people have been asking for it, and it looks like the first plugin for a shopping cart is basically ready. Odd that a blogging engine like WordPress would have/need a shopping cart, but I guess that only goes to show its ability to adapt and evolve to fit any situation it is thrown into.

This plugin adds a full-featured shop to WordPress 1.5 and 2.0. It features:

  • AJAX for adding items to the cart
  • Set your own currency and country (no language files yet)
  • Global tax and shipping allocation (can be overidden by different products)
  • Paypal as payment provider (Protx being developed – further options to come
  • Discount box allows items to be shown for sale
  • Shipping tokens allow you to optionally allocate special shipping prices
  • Multiple category levels
  • Can be styled by css

Please bear in mind this is the first release.

Head on over to Cregy to check it out.

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WordPress Theme: JD Blue

Sometimes getting a theme out there needs some people to put it through its paces, and one theme, JD Blue is looking for just that.

I’m releasing my first WP theme, JD Blue. This is a modded version of the 3 column relaxation theme. I would appreciate testing and feedback. I designed it using WP 2.0 and have tested it on FF1.5 and IE6.0.

Head on over to to view it, and download it. Remember, its really more like a beta release than anything else, so help the guy out and make it a great theme, just like I know the WordPress community can.

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WordPress Theme: egoSconnesso[dot]net 1.0

Not all themes are released by people who speak English as their primary language, and that seems the case in the egoSconnesso[dot]net 1.0 theme, as The description started out in another language and caught me completely off guard.

Tema leggero a 3 colonne, con tonalità di verde e giallo. Estivo e leggibilissimo.

Which in english means…

A 3 column Light theme, with yellow and green. Very nice and fresh.

Check it out at

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WordPress Theme: Red Is Nice

I have always been a big fan of the color red, but it has mostly been a “no-no” online, however, that being said, Red Is Nice, is a great two column theme that does a pretty good job of highlighting my favorite color, and you have to love the header.

This is the second version of my first WordPress theme, and a lot has changed from version one to version two. I hope you like the outcome.

Grab it from

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WordPress Theme: Internet Jobs

A simple but decently professional looking theme for WordPress is out called Internet Jobs. It is a two column theme with support for and technorati tags after posts.

Internet Jobs 1.0 is a corporate like theme for WordPress blogging system. The design is by Luka Cvrk, All his designs are damn neat and good looking, every work is simply marvelous. I just ported this one :) .

Check it out at:

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WordPress Theme: Happy Blog

Another conversion of an Open Source Web Design into a WordPress theme, this is the 12th theme by Kaushal Sheth, and it looks pretty good. The colours could use some tweaking, but it is a three column theme, and it just works.

This is a ported version of the layout Happy Blog designed by Solucija. Its a 3 column layout with great use of colors. Its best for personal blogs

Check it out by going to and download it from his website:

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WordPress Theme: MinusOne

Multiple shades of blue in two columns with support for the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin and a sSocial bookmark links for each post.

Introducing MinusOne, my second theme release (the first being Eclectic) for WordPress. MinusOne is a smooth, rounded, two column theme with a top navigation bar.

Have a look at it on his blog at, and download it.

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WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition

The people at Point Of View are running a WordPress 2.0 theme competition with some amazing prizes. First place will take home an 60 gigabyte iPod, with video capabilities.

The contest is open until the 28th of February, and the results will be posted on the 7th of March.

It looks like it could be a good competition, though it has not received the press it needs to get hundreds of people trying for the prizes, so hopefully a post on helps.

I am actually thinking of joining and trying for the 2006 New High-Tech Design, which has the prize of a Belkin Wireless G Router. I could really use one of those.

So if you are interested in theme design, and don’t mind waiting until the 10th of March for it to be released to the world, why not enter it in the contest?

Check it out over at:

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