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Technorati Tagging of Posts

One thing that I don’t think enough people are taking advantage of is the multitude of Technorati tagging plugins for WordPress. Tagging your blog entries is like yelling out to the world “I have a story about this!” and so it brings in a few more people to that post than you would have had without tagging posts.

Over on my personal blog I have begun tagging posts, and surprisingly traffic is up around ten percent compared to before I had the tagging system in place.

More in the past than currently, Technorati had some less than nice comments thrown its way due to downtime, and errors, but I, personally, have not seen or heard too much on those problems in the last while. Infact, I have seen a few compliments about Technorati cleaning up its act and becoming a more responsive tool.

What is Technorati?
A website that tracks what is going on with blogs in the world. It is one of the largest sites keeping track of what is going on in the Blogosphere (the world of weblogs). Currently they are tracking 25.1 million sites and 1.9 billion links.

The system uses what they call tags to categorize content. One post can have many tags because one blog post might have multiple subjects. You decide what tags to assign your content, and that is how Technorati files it. It is like giving your post a category, but many feel limited by categories and only assign one or two per post, where with tags you can be a little more crazy. I on average assign around four tags per post, as I feel this allows me to cover all the main areas that the content would fit in, while not tagging every word or keyword, which would be rediculous.

Any type of blog can use Technorati tags, and they are simple to add. They are just a specialized URL that links to technorati that goes right to the category that you specified for the tag.

mce_href=”[tagname]” rel=”tag" >

Don’t forget to replace the [tagname] with the actual tag you want to use. To use two word tags like Movie Guide, you have to use a + symbol to replace the space. So the url for that tag would be

Which Plugins Work for WordPress?
By now, I am sure you are thinking, well there has to be an easier way. And there is, especially if you are using almost any blogging engine that allows plugins. For this article we are going to talk about WordPress.

WordPress does not allow an easy Technorati tagging method out of the box. You have to add what are called plugins (third party created files that augment WordPress’ abilities).

Some of the plugins available for WordPress 2.0 include:

  • Automatic Meta

    This plugin will automatically generate and include HTML Meta Tags and Technorati Tags based on the full text of your post. When you save your post (and before you publish it) the plugin checks to see if any tags have been associated with it. The Autometa custom field showing the auto-generated tags. If no tags are found then it generates them based on the content of the post.

  • SimpleTags*

    SimpleTags is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to easily generate Technorati tags at the bottom of your blog entries. There are several plugins already available for this purpose, but they all require you to use custom fields within WordPress. The SimpleTags plugin eliminates this need, so you can now easily generate tags with your preferred method of posting, be it by email, a blogging tool like w.bloggar or from WordPress itself.

  • Bunny’s Technorati Tags

    Bunny’s Technorati Tags provides you with template function to easily display Technorati tags for your posts. The tags are stored in a Custom Field, so this plugin does not require any modifications of the database structure. The plugin adds a text input for that custom field in the appropriate admin pages.

* – I can recommend this plugin, as I currently use it, and have not experienced any problems.

There are other plugins that allow an easy addition of this feature in WordPress, but most have not been updated lately to work with the newest version of WordPress.

Other Articles on the Subject
I don’t think I can convey enough, how useful Technorati tags can be to focusing your content, bringing in new visitors, and increasing your blog’s traffic. And so, I have a few other resources you might want to check out under the same subject.

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