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WordPress Plugin: X-Comments

I think this is a very inventive plugin. It allows you to show users comments you have made on other blogs, on your own blog, so that they can track down where you have been, and things that interested you. It is currently not ready for prime time, so you might not want to try it out unless you have some PHP knowledge, but I could see myself using this once it is out, and working well.

X-Comments is my very first plug-in for WordPress. In fact, it’s my very first experience with PHP and MySQL. I’ve been running it on my site for about a month now and so far I’ve had absolutely no problems. The plugin is most definitely in an early alpha phase but there are a couple sites running the plugin and I’ve gotten no negative feedback so far. Anyways, I’ve created this page to chronicle future releases of the plugin so bookmark this page and check back often. Without any further adue, I will get on with the details of the plugin…

What Does it Do?

X-Comments creates nifty little links on your sidebar that direct your readers to your comments on other sites.

Head on over to Daily Dose of Dave for all the details, and to download it.

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