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WordPress Plugin: WP Shop

Many people have been asking for it, and it looks like the first plugin for a shopping cart is basically ready. Odd that a blogging engine like WordPress would have/need a shopping cart, but I guess that only goes to show its ability to adapt and evolve to fit any situation it is thrown into.

This plugin adds a full-featured shop to WordPress 1.5 and 2.0. It features:

  • AJAX for adding items to the cart
  • Set your own currency and country (no language files yet)
  • Global tax and shipping allocation (can be overidden by different products)
  • Paypal as payment provider (Protx being developed – further options to come
  • Discount box allows items to be shown for sale
  • Shipping tokens allow you to optionally allocate special shipping prices
  • Multiple category levels
  • Can be styled by css

Please bear in mind this is the first release.

Head on over to Cregy to check it out.

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