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WordPress Theme: RevvedUp

Here’s the lowdown on RevvedUp:

  • fully laid out using semantic HTML and CSS stylesheets — no tables used
  • validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • its visual style is completely driven by stylesheets — the theme’s layout can be altered substantially by changing a few lines in the main stylesheet
  • font sizes are not fixed — even on Internet Explorer, your readers can resize the fonts to help them read better
  • it makes use of elegant semitransparent PNGs
  • includes custom pages for directory indexes, Apache error pages, and a complete archive page
  • several WordPress plugins have been conditionally integrated — if a plugin is available and enabled, its features will appear automatically, no editing needed
  • elegant two-column sidebar layout
  • enhanced with JavaScript events (and still, it does not require JavaScript from your readers)
  • well-organized stylesheets for you to peruse and edit
  • distributed under the GNU GPL, version 2
  • compatible with WordPress 2.0
  • plugins supported out-of-the-box:
    • bsuite
    • Days since birth
    • FancyTooltips
    • Fold Page List
    • Gravatars
    • Bread Crumb Trail Generator
    • LMB^Box Comment Quicktags
    • Optimal Title
    • Recent Comments
    • Related Posts
    • Search Reloaded
    • Subscribe me
    • Useronline
    • Jalenack’s Wordspew
    • WordPress XHTML validator

Well, I don’t think I need to say any more than that, so go check out the three column theme at

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