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WordPress Plugin: Lightbox

A pretty cool plugin that allows you to show Javascript overlay popups of images on the page you are currently at. You then click the image and it goes away. The loading effect and everything look very nice.

Plugin that turns posted images into neat Javascript-powered overlay popups instead of just linking to the fullsize image. This plugin is based on the cool javascript done by Lokesh Dhakar and transformed by to a plugin for WordPress by me, inspired by Frank from 2d-sign. Enjoy!

What is it good for?
It scans your posts for linked images and makes a nice overlay popup out of them. This is much better then linking to a new window oder even open a fullblown javascript popup. This is a neat little thing and shows a small preloader animation before showing the full image. Before i continue to talk about what it is, i better put on some example.

Head on out to Mentor’s Blog to grab it.

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WordPress Plugin: Search Everything

There have been plugins in the past that added Pages to WordPress’ search function, but out of the box WordPress will only search posts for information. Well, now Dan Cameron has released the Search Everything plugin which does as the name says. It will even search comments.

Search Everything is my first plugin ported from this hack and this plugin. My next step is to create an option for the admin to select whether they want comments, pages or both included in the search. The reason: it takes so long to query the comment database I don’t think a lot of people will want to have this option available, unless the site user has the option to turn it off.

Grab it over at

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The 500 Dollar WordPress Theme

Jack of all Blogs is looking for a new WordPress theme, and to really hype things up, there is a $500 prize for the winner. The contest is running until February 19th, and the theme must work on Firefox, Opera, and Safari(Mac).

Winners will be announced on March 1st, 2006, and as much as we would all like to come up with ten or twenty themes to improve our odds, only one theme will be allowed per person.

Read the full text of the contest details over at

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WordPress Theme: Fleur De Lys for WordPress 2.0

Even theme designers need to make a few changes to get their themes ready for WordPress 2.0. One of the major additions needed is a screenshot of the theme, for the Themes area of the Admin panel, but many themes do not have them yet. The designers and developers of Fleur De Lys have fixed up their theme for a fully WordPress 2.0 compatible theme.

For those of you, who have known us for a long time, you remember we did the ‘Fleur-De-Lys’ theme for original WP 1.2 version.

We did a quick conversion of it for WP 1.5 and submitted to the Alex King’s Competition.

We never released this version through this website, for some reasons.

Now I had taken the version we submitted to the competition and improved a lot of stuff in the theme, and also added a screenshot.png, which is a WP 2.0 feature.

Here I am releasing it to all of you.

Jump on over to to grab it.

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WordPress Plugin: ASPanel2

If you are looking to show your Audioscrobbler information on your WordPress blog, the popular ASPanel plugin has been updated for WordPress 2.0.

ASPanel2 is follow-up to great ASPanel plugin.
New version is designed and optimized for WordPress 2.0

What it does? Do you know web service called Audiosrobbler? It’s a site gathering currently played tracks, top artist, top tracks and a lot more info about your music.

Plugin let you easly display most recently played tracks directly from your audioscrobbler profile.

For more information head on over to:

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WordPress Theme: Modern World

The Open Source Web designs hold a great deal of designs that would make perfect WordPress themes, and it looks like another has been converted for WordPress duty.

This is a ported version of the layout Modern World designed by Solucija. Its a 2 column layout with left sidebar and as name say it portrays a modern layout for blog designs.

I personally love the design and feels its perfect for more content-oriented , personal or business blogs.

Grab it over at

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WordPress Plugin: Google Video Plugin 1.0

I have been seeing more and more Google Video content in blogs, and now there is an even easier way to add the videos thanks to the Google Video Plugin for WordPress.

Want to add videos from google into your blog? Well now it is easy.

Most of the code has been modified from Kimili’s Flash Embed, and it’s working fine in WordPress 2.0. It works fine in the tinyMCE editor of WordPress 2.0n though honestly I recommend turning that thing off, it seems to cause more problems then good.

This plugin allows you to add videos from google directly into you blog, player and all.

Jump onto the Web|log of Ross Gerbasi to grab the plugin, but please use it wisely.

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WordPress Plugin: Fade Anything Technique Extended Edition 2.0

Postcards From My Life has what could be used as a great plugin, or a very annoying plugin, as the Fade Anything Technique comes to WordPress…

Ok, it’s finally done. Sorry it took so long but life intervenes. Here is my take on the wonderful code to fade things. You may have seen this technique in my previous blog entries. Or in some of the lesser known places like basecamp (who inspired the original author) or the original author’s page. No matter where you saw it, here is the WordPress plugin to let you use and abuse this effect in your blog.

Read more about it at

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WordPress Theme: Regulus 2.0

Binary Moon has worked hard on creating a detailed theme that works well in WordPress and that theme is called Regulus. He has recently released the 2.0 version for WordPress 2.0 and in the updated version there are many changes.

Version 2.0 has been created specifically for WordPress version 2.0 (hence the name change) and features a number of new features. From the outside it looks the same, with the exception of the 4 new header images and the extra colour scheme, but underneath it uses the new theme system built directly into wordpress 2.0

  • rebuilt admin panel from scratch for wordpress 2.0
  • fixed list item colour in content
  • fixed get_sidebar not called twice on page.php any more
  • fixed search function
  • fixed errors with certain plugins that messed up the about box content
  • fixed message label repeating css bug in IE
  • added reset button to admin panel (for easy uninstall)
  • added screenshot (used in wp2.0 only)
  • added some fancy little javascript doobries to let you preview style options in the admin panel itself
  • added white colour scheme
  • added link listing option and styled listings
  • added 404 page
  • added 4 new header graphics
  • changed line-height in css
  • changed password protected posts to hide certain objects in the widgets bar if the password is not entered
  • swap categories and archives around
  • moved admin bar styles to external style sheet
  • only display ‘read more’ link if excerpts are used
  • option to display post author on individual posts on homepage
  • choose between default blog roll listing and the option to display link categories
  • made the html validate
  • optimised switch.css (reduce download size)

Head on over to Binary Moon to pick a copy up.

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WordPress Theme: Subnixus

A grey, yellow and white theme called Subnixus has been released and you can get it at

I’m proud to finally release the Subnixus theme for wordpress. This theme, which is based on the old Subnixus layout is XHTML and CSS compliant (It was tested on wordpress 1.5.2, but should work with 2.0). Simple and easy to understand, the Subnixus theme was intended to be customizable. Anyone with knowledge of how CSS works should be able to change this theme to fit their needs. Of course you could always just use it as is…

In the comments one person mentions that he had to do quite a bit of CSS hacking to get it to fit 800×600 monitors, but with probably only 5% of the people using such a resolution, don’t feel put off by the theme, if you have troubles getting it to fix 800×600.

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