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WordPress Plugin: Simple Tags 2.0

It is so great to see the community working hard at making their Plugins fully WordPress 2.0 compatible, and SimpleTags is one plugin I just got into when I upgraded

SimpleTags now works with WYSIWYG editors. Tags have changed from to [tags]. If updating from an earlier version, you need to perform a simple update on the database. Please check db-update.txt in the zipped distribution for detailed instructions.

Jump on over to
to get the latest version. Happy Tagging.

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WordPress Theme: I Remember

A darker theme, with a nice header image, I Remember is really nice.

Here I am with another theme, ‘I Remember’. It’s a two column and fixed width theme.

Plugin-ready for: Gravatar, Get Recent Comments and WP Theme Switcher.
Like for the previous theme, if you use the Gravatar plugin, search the code below in comments.php and replace with your site url.

Grab it over at

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WordPress Theme: A New Spring

I really like A New Spring, and so I highly suggest you check it out. It is a 2-column design, with some fresh, and bright colors. It is simple and concentrates on content, which is what a blog design should do.

I’ve created a theme that I think some people might enjoy. It’s a fresh, clean 2-column design with greens, blues, and oranges. It really did remind me of spring when I designed it.

Check it out and then Download it.

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WordPress Plugins: Semiologic v.3.2

For WordPress 2.0 the Semiologic plugins have been updated. There are some great ones like Opt-in Front Page that have been updated for the new release.

WordPress 2.0 is now officially released. So is Semiologic v.3.2.

After extensive testing on my side, it turns out that WordPress 2.0 broke even more plugins, including several in v.3.1 beta. Hence the version skip.

And since WordPress 2.0 might break your favorite plugin, I’ve bundled a Pro Package version with WordPress 1.5.2 for your convenience.

Whichever you choose, be wary that database upgrades are NOT reversible. DO NOT CONDUCT TESTS ON A PRODUCTION SITE!!!

Check them all out at

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WordPress Theme: Milc

Another theme release today, called Milc, this theme is based around khaki colours, and looks very nice.

This is my second theme I’m releasing to the masses, Mrs. Connie asked me if I wouldn’t release my Milc (*) theme, so …

… here it is: a public available Milc theme. (click to download yet again!)

Like Akua, this is also a heavily modified Kubrick theme, so don’t worry if you see some default Kubrick files. Installation is really simple yet again, just unzip this file in your /wordpress/includes/themes directory, and activate it in your admin corner.

Grab it at

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WordPress Theme: WP-Andreas09

It looks like just about all of Andreas’ open source web designs will soon be changed into WordPress themes, and I think that is a great thing, and more theme developers should look at the Open Source Web Designs as inspiration for theme creation.

WP-Andreas09 is my WordPress port of an open source template by Andreas Viklund called andreas09. WP-Andreas09 is a full width, 3 column theme with a fluid central column and it comes in 6 different colours that can be changed from within your WordPress Admin Options Panel.

I have only tested the theme in WordPress 2.0 so I am not sure if it will work in earlier versions. I have also tested it in the latest versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, Mozzila and Flock for Windows XP and also Mozilla and Konqueror for Linux. I have also seen some screen shots of the theme on Safari browser for the Mac where it looks identical to what it does on Windows.

The original template was released as open source and free to use for any purpose as long as the proper credits are given to the original author. This theme is released under the same conditions so please respect this and leave the credits in place to Andreas and myself as we have both put a lot of time and effort into the design and the theme. Other than that you may change the included files as you want.

Grab WP-Andreas09.

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WordPress Theme: Fluidity

Just as its name implies, Fluidity is a fluid design, created to take up the full width of the screen. It is a darker theme with black, orange, and green set as the primary colours, it does hold a lot of potential.

Fluidity is a versatile and a very powerful theme and has a fluid layout. I have created three version of the same theme namely with left sidebar , right sidebar and 3 column theme.

The theme was originally developed by Dave.I ported and modified it for WordPress.

Check it out at:

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WordPress Theme: Orchid

Not a native english speaker, Sunaryo Hadi, has released Orchid, a light green, two column theme for WordPress.

Simple theme in Green. This design is began to change the look of Anggrek.Org. Then I feel, may be it is good if I share this themes.

The demo is at and for more information head on over to

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