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WordPress Theme: Channing

Channing WordPress ThemeAnother one column design, this one highly dependant on plugins though.

I recently redesigned the theme of Lo-Fi Tribe, as all of you are undoubtedly aware by now. I am quite taken with the quest to find a design that seriously balances overall aesthetics and content priority. In other words, I want a very attractive and pleasing design to be “Content-Centric.” My last design was very good at doing just that, at least in my opinion. It was aesthetically pleasing but also directed readers’ attention toward the content, which is the point of any blog. I am still tweaking the “Content-Centric” theme idea and as a result have moved onto a new design. My previous design – which again, did make content the priority without sacrificing aesthetic layout – is now available for download.

I have decided to make previous themes available to the public when I move on to a different design. I have tagged this design with the name “Channing,” after the great, early New England, Unitarian minister William Ellery Channing. Channing is a theme I threw together for personal use, but have now decided to release it for public consumption. Everything is valid XHTML. The CSS validates too. Feel free to use the theme under the conditions that the credit lines in the footer remain intact. My CSS is sloppy, by some standards, but it works great and validates!

Grab it at Lo-Fi Tribe

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WordPress Theme: One Column

One Column WordPress ThemeOne column designs for WordPress are becomming more popular as they allow the focus to be on the latest content, or a single story at a time. Well, you can’t get a more one column design than One Column.

As the name suggests, this theme is a single column theme.

It gives more attention to the content area, and the sidebar content is all moved to be at the bottom of the page.
I believe this is good for photo blogs too.

Grab it from

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Server Move Completed

We moved servers recently, so I should apologize for any problems anyone has had. I did not notice some much needed plugins were not activated. Please comment here if you notice anything else out of place, as we continue forward. Hopefully, everything responds much faster, and we will continue to try to improve the Blogging Pro experience.

As you might have noticed, I have added LightBox to Blogging Pro, allowing me to add thumbnails and larger pictures of themes we are talking about, so that you have an easier time making your decision on if a theme is worth having or not.

If you have created a theme, or plugin for any blogging software, not just WordPress, please let me know.

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WordPress Theme: Iridium

IridiumRecently, I was browsing the Forums, and saw someone selling a WordPress ready theme. It was for a musical band that decided to not use the site, and so the designer/developer was looking to sell it. I spent the money and bought the theme. I had to make a few changes, but otherwise it worked decently enough.

The theme is called Iridium. It still needs some work from someone willing to do it, and it has seen some pretty high interest on the WordPress support forums, where I have already announced it. It is probably good enough to drag and drop it into your WordPress install, and I am even willing to give away the original PSD to those interested in using it, as long as I get some credit somewhere, for releasing it to the world, and spending my own money on it.

Iridium is a two column theme, set in dark colors of black and grey with some yellow to offset it.

You can download it now from or

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WordPress Theme: Bosa

BosaThe final day of the If..Else theme challenge, but hopefully not the last theme released by Phu, is Bosa. I am not as big of a fan of this design as I am the others, but it is still very nice, and I can see it being customized into many sites.

Today’s theme is Bosa, a theme that is big and bold but which also carries an air of calm tranquility.

Grab it over at If..Else Log.

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WordPress Theme: Jentri

Jentri WordPress ThemeDay five of the If..Else theme a day project, comes Jentri. Like almost of the designs, it is a two column design, with a simple, but elegant look.

Jentri, is reminiscent of such; for me, it gives off an air of comforting sophistication and provides the ideal canvas for words; the perfect setting for thoughts and insights to reside.

Check out Jentri at If..Else, and add it to your theme rotation. It is really well done.

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5 Free WordPress Themes from TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster is releasing some decent WordPress themes for free. Though I don’t personally love any of them, I do like Fighting the Darkness.

We are glad to release free Word Press themes. For those who doesn’t know what Word Press is we recommend to visit their official site. In short, Word Press is blogging software. By the way, we use it on our blog.

Now we present five themes, which are available for free. Yes, you read that right. All five themes are absolutely free! So enjoy!

You can check them all out at the TemplateMonster Blog.

Personally, I think it was just a way for them to get both attention and links because the designs while they do look rather professional, it looks like the WordPress content was a little shoehorned into the design, rather than merging properly. Maybe it is just me…

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WordPress Theme: Treba

And also Day 4 of the theme a day challenge over at If..Else. I just want to say again that I wish more people would take a stab at what Phu has started. I know after looking at his themes, it makes you almost want to cry, as your design and development talent might not be as good, but WordPress can always use more themes.

Today I present Treba, going back to the two column designs that all but Ambiru were, this design is a sandy color.

Today’s selection is Treba. Once again, it’s all about the words and Treba’s clean design let’s you concentrate on the content; after all content is king.

Download it over at the If..Else Log.

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WordPress Theme: Ambiru

Day three of the If..Else theme a day self imposed challenge and we have a new theme called Ambiru. A one column design where content is king. A beautiful header, and really it just makes me drool. Phu only puts one sentence for Ambiru and that is really all it needs.

Ambiru is a calm, reassuring theme developed for WordPress.

Download it today.

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WordPress Theme: Sirius

Like the Satellite radio company Sirius, the theme for WordPress is different. There are many cool options for changing and editing the theme. I found that some things were German, so the person that wrote it was probably a German speaker first, but if you have any experience with WordPress Sirius is simple to use, and interesting.

The WordPress theme for self-composition. The adminstration interface provides a number of possibilities for adjusting the design according your needs. Sirius is completely internationalized and presently available in German and English, additional languages will follow. Feedback and suggestions concerning improvement or extensions are welcome.

Grab it from

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