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WordPress Theme: Ginseng Coffee

A new two column theme is out called Ginseng Coffee, and it has a primarily brown look to it, but it is very well done in my opinion.

So this is the Ginseng Coffee Word Press theme, one of a series of three that we are working on. The inspiration for this scheme is yummy irish coffee with ginseng…. Awesome. So I tried to create a word press theme that captured the spirt of this sweet, sweet, nectar.

Check it out at and give it a download. I can see some great modifications and custimizations coming to this theme soon.

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  1. Cheryl says: 3/29/2007

    If you want to see how the ginseng coffee theme works out in real life, give me a visit. I’ve had trouble with the links showing up in the posts so have had to make alterations (I’m not real happy but at least they show up!) I’ve also had to add code to get things like a short list of Recent Posts.


  2. coffee maker reviews says: 4/6/2009

    where is the url of theme ?


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