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WordPress Theme: Supposedly Clean

One thing that is becoming more and more popular is releasing themes that have a variety of options right off the bat, and that is what the Supposedly Clean theme is all about.

Supposedly Clean, a WordPress theme is ready to ship today. Here’s a short list of its features.

  • Easily customizable through admin panel. You can change text colors, link colors, sidebar text colors and etc.
  • Comes with three different flavors
  • Tested in Firefox, IE 6.0+, Opera and Safari
  • Validates as xhtml 1.0 strict
  • Only 3 images.

Grab it at

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WordPress Theme: Simpla

The first in the If..Else theme a day listing is Simpla. It is a brightly colored two column theme, but even thought it is simple, it does look quite nice.

The first offering is this week long project is a nice gentle affair. Simpla is a clean yet aesthetically pleasing theme that will allow you to showcase your words without distractions.

Check it out over at the theme a day post on his site.

I would love to see others starting such ambitious projects for the WordPress community. Pencil something out, and code it, as we can use all the themes we can get.

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WordPress Theme: Emire

A popular and well known blogger known for his site IfElse has started a theme a day project for a week, and I am going to talk about his second release first. It is named Emire, and is a two column design with some dark colors, but a really nice look.

There are a number of gorgeous looking themes available but sometimes what you really want is something that looks smart. Enter todays theme which I’ve entitled Emire. Emire is a theme which is just as comfortable in a commercial setting as it is on a personal site. Calm and aesthetically pleasing, Emire exudes an air of professionalism.

Jump over to the Theme a Day post to watch as new Themes are released.

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WordPress Theme: Electric Brown

A two column theme based on a brown color set has been released, called Electric Brown.

I have a new WordPress theme ready to go out into the world, and I have entitled it Electric Brown. This theme is a two column theme, with simple and clean lines. It was professionally designed and coded, and I think it looks and functions really nicely.

Grab it over at

Note: You need to be registered to download it, but its quick, and easy, so it is worth it.

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WordPress Plugin: Inline Ajax Comments

I have seen things like this on so many blogs lately, and I still think it is really interesting, and a decent use of AJAX. I have yet to impliment it on any of my sites as it was difficult to do, but now with the Inline Ajax Comments plugin, I might have to give it a go.

This plugin allows for the ability to expand the comments of a post below the main post content using ajax.


  • comments are downloaded once the user clicks the “show comments” link
  • subsequent show/hide actions use the already cached comments
  • separate css stylesheet for easy customization
  • easy installation into any theme

Grab it over at

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WordPress Theme: In Business

A two column simplistic theme called In Business has been released. It is very clean, and looks like it could be easy to adapt to many websites.

Well I had my eyes on this template for long but couldn’t find time to port it. Yesterday finally took some time of and ported this theme for WordPress. It really a cool column professional theme. The theme was originally designed by Now-Design.

Check it out at Kaushal Sheth’s website.

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WordPress Theme: Ginseng Coffee

A new two column theme is out called Ginseng Coffee, and it has a primarily brown look to it, but it is very well done in my opinion.

So this is the Ginseng Coffee Word Press theme, one of a series of three that we are working on. The inspiration for this scheme is yummy irish coffee with ginseng…. Awesome. So I tried to create a word press theme that captured the spirt of this sweet, sweet, nectar.

Check it out at and give it a download. I can see some great modifications and custimizations coming to this theme soon.

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WordPress Theme: Union Jack

Roadholder made a theme called Union Jack, and he did something that I found interesting, he added a random header image feature, but instead of just being random images he used different areas of the Union Jack. I really think it is cool, and could be done with other random image series’.

This is the first template, which is a simple two column template for Blogs. A cool feature was added: the random header. You can make your own images that will randomly be showed in the header. To add more images, take a look into the code, is quite simple, or drop me a line.

Download it now.

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Blog Flux Themes Directory

Blog Flux, a popular blog service, has quietly released their themes database. It covers more than just WordPress, but if it becomes as popular as the rest of its sections, any WordPress themer should add his/her theme.

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WordPress Theme: Dark Night

Originally called Minima Black over at Blogger and in some WordPress circles, it has been re-released for WordPress 2.0 as Dark Night.

I had originally worked on this WordPress theme as a mini project for someone, thought I’d finish it up and give it out to folks. Now with WordPress 2 out, I’ve released an update..

It’s based on a design by Doug Bowman called Minima Black, originally for Blogger. I took the basic design/layout, and mapped it into WordPress terms, tweaked the styles a bunch to get it close (it’s STILL not perfect, never will be, the guy’s a genius!), and just did the remaining work on writing up the template changes, and making the calendar look halfway-decent.

Check it out at Chaitgear’s Website.

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