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WordPress Plugin: Duh Gallery

A new photo gallery integration has been created for WordPress called Duh Gallery.

I have been looking for a simple plugin for WordPress that just displays photos that I upload. I got tired of trying out things like Gallery2 integration and stuff like that. I just wanted a simple photo gallery. No extra text, no comments, nothing. Just a photo gallery.

So, I created it myself since I couldn’t find an easy one.

Thanks to the new WP 2.0 structure for uploads generating folders by year and month, it’s nicely categorized too. Now, I’m sure there’s tons of ways to enhance/change this plugin to work better with different themes, better output, and probably faster code. But, for the sake of failing fast, I’ve decided to release it as is.

Check it out at Nate Ritter’s Blog

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WordPress Theme: Green River

A few days ago Green River was released, and for some reason I missed it. Green River is a little different than some themes I have seen, and at first I was not a fan, but its quickly growing on me.

Green River WordPress Theme

Here are the details:

Hey Now – We are proud to launch the Green River Word Press Theme. We are releasing this fairly dark, but still very readable, fixed width, fixed background theme under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

This theme features a left hand menu ( after the debate about right vs. left hand menu that popped up over on the Painted Desert theme I decided to try the right handed menu…. ).

The total images are less then 60k so it loads quickly, and of course it features the alternative background colors for the comments.

Grab it from JTK Consulting

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WordPress Theme: Liquid Summer

From The Blog Studio we have Liquid Summer a liquid (resizing based on browser width) three column theme based in some bright blues and greens.

We’ve just added the latest template in our free download series. Liquid Summer was designed and coded by Richard and Mike.

Check it out at and download it at their Express page.

Unlike some of their other work, I am not really feeling this design, but I am glad its a three column liquid design, so get to customizing it people.

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WordPress Theme: ChaoticSoul

ChaoticSoul WordPress ThemeFrom Avalonstar comes ChaoticSoul a WordPress port of one of his previous designs. A very beautiful theme.

Hah, I can hear the Avalonstar fans of yesteryear rejoice. But no, this is not the return of the famed 12th version to this domain, but rather, a port to a WordPress theme. I don’t think I could have ever seen myself releasing a theme, but the time has come for me to bring back one of my favorite versions of Avalonstar. Now, it’s for your use instead of mine.

This has been a great nostalgic project at the least, since I was able to revisit my old code and laugh at my old process. But enough of this reminiscing. What you see here is by no means a final version, but whether or not I iterate on this is left to be determined. Because I haven’t tested this in IE, even though this is a 1.0, treat it like it’s an alpha. I really just wanted to get this out and into your hands to play with. I’m sure it at least degrades gracefully in all those trashy browsers. ;)

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WordPress Theme: Kisses

Kisses WordPress ThemeA three column design, with pages on the left, and blog functions on the right, Kisses uses soft tones, except for the image of two people kissing in its header.

This is the first of my free themes for WordPress. It isn’t entirely XHTML Valid (pity, I know), but it works fine in both IE and FireFox (at least on my screen). There are a few strange things which I found out while coding. For example in IE there is a larger white space under the titel of the most recent entry. Anyway, the most important thing is that it works.

Check it out at

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WordPress Theme: Flawless Imperfection

Flawless Imperfection WordPress ThemeA two column theme with an image of butterflies, some light green highlights, and some rounded edges in Flawless Imperfection.

This theme features butterflies and not much else. It’s ideal for personal blogs. Name inspired by this quote, “Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly. – Robert Schuller”.

This theme features collapsible/expandible content boxes on the right side. You need to edit “collapse.js” to include the url to your theme images directory. You can change which boxes are expanded/collapsed.

Check it out at Mystical Twilight

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WordPress Theme: MW

MW WordPress ThemeMW is a really simple, but elegant looking two column theme for WordPress that includes a variety of color schemes as well as support for some popular things like Gravatars.

Some modules: last articles, related articles…
Subscription options (Bloglines, Feedster, Google Reader…). Digg, and Furl links after articles.
Comments: automatically highlighted trackbacks and author comments. Integrated gravatars.
Easy ad management through specific files to that effect. Ad units in the header, after the two first article blocks (Google AdSense compliant) and at the bottom. AdSense section targeting.

Grab it over at Monetizing the Web

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WordPress Theme: Scary Little

So Nik decided to make his site design into a WordPress theme, and ended up liking the end result so much, he now uses it to run his site. Scary Little is a two column theme that is based around blue, white and grey. It looks really decent.

As you may be able to tell, is now using the Scary Little wordpress theme.

Thats right, my site uses a theme I made based on the design of my site. Silly huh? As I worked on it, I just liked it so much better.

Check it out at

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WordPress Theme: Lucky Blue

Lucky Blue WordPress ThemeA new theme from in Lucky Blue, a two column thin theme with an Irish flair. (A little late guys.)

The design is very clean and uses dark blue, some green, and white.

Introducing the brand spanking new WordPress theme: Lucky Blue version 1.0. This theme is designed for the newest version of WordPress (version 2.0.2 at the time of release.) Installation is simple and easy as always, only two steps.

Check it out at

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WordPress Theme: Vicksburg

Some people might recognize this theme from another popular publishing system as Vicksburg has been brought from Moveable Type to WordPress. I am not sure on the legality of porting themes and whatnot, but until I hear otherwise, I am mentioning it here.

But one thing I was fond of was the default “Vicksburg” theme. It’s very clean and polished (mostly). I know, what jerk uses the default theme? I mean when I can get a theme with gigantic images of tigers and lions, why use the defaulto?

Well because I have too much time on my hands I have ported the Vicksburg theme to WordPress.

Check it out now at

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