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WordPress Theme: ChaoticSoul

ChaoticSoul WordPress ThemeFrom Avalonstar comes ChaoticSoul a WordPress port of one of his previous designs. A very beautiful theme.

Hah, I can hear the Avalonstar fans of yesteryear rejoice. But no, this is not the return of the famed 12th version to this domain, but rather, a port to a WordPress theme. I don’t think I could have ever seen myself releasing a theme, but the time has come for me to bring back one of my favorite versions of Avalonstar. Now, it’s for your use instead of mine.

This has been a great nostalgic project at the least, since I was able to revisit my old code and laugh at my old process. But enough of this reminiscing. What you see here is by no means a final version, but whether or not I iterate on this is left to be determined. Because I haven’t tested this in IE, even though this is a 1.0, treat it like it’s an alpha. I really just wanted to get this out and into your hands to play with. I’m sure it at least degrades gracefully in all those trashy browsers. ;)

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  1. clive rozario ) says: 5/9/2011

    Hello, I am using this theme, and I was wondering whether it was possible to have some help:

    on my home page, the first article has normal sized writing, and then each one below has smaller (harder to read) writing….anyway way I can make all the writing the same sized font?




  2. Daniella Marsaw says: 4/20/2012

    Wonderful, it is beneficial and straightforward to know !