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WordPress Theme: Raining on Me

Raining on Me WordPress ThemeA purple based two column theme coming from Lilac Pixels in Raining on Me.

Customizable header image, sidebar image, css, index, post, search, single, sidebar, category, date, footer, and header php scripts included. Fixed-width design that resizes down to all resolutions. Works fully in both IE and Firefox.

Grab it over at Lilac Pixel’s website, along with other themes that have been released.

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WordPress Plugin: WP-Notable

A new plugin from Cal Evans called WP-Notable, which allows you to help users add the story to various new sources, including their Delicious accounts.

Notable displays a series of icons below each post allowing your readers to easily submit you to many different social bookmarking and networking sites. You can customize the character that goes between the images. The code generated validates with most common HTML validators.

Grab it from Cal Evans’ site.

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WordPress Theme: Laila

Laila WordPress ThemeA really beautiful looking two column theme called Laila found its way to my screen today, and I am impressed, not originally for WordPress the design looks like it was made for WordPress, and I am glad after a few conversions to other publishing software, its made its way to us.

Finally, after a while (well I think it’s been a year) I made this Butterfly skin for WordPress. This skin/theme was originally create for Expresion Engine template competiton and won the #4th winner by this great guy :D And then few weeks later the skin was ported to Nucleus CMS. The whole story found in this page archive. I’s not just because of that sentimental reason, honestly there’s a few request to ported it to WordPress, and somehow they drop it to my inbox. Yeah probably because of that “Laila” name, and because I’m using WordPress. And so yesterday I’ve been reminded by the owner of JalanSutera about that, and well this last days it seem that I got more energy, so I just did it.

Grab it from Cinila’s Personal Playground.

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WordPress Plugin: Edit n Place

Nice plugin from Headzoo, and its being updated like crazy, so if you find a problem, let them know, and they will fix it pretty quick.

Check out the details:

Edit n Place is a free WordPress plugin that lets you edit your post inline; meaning you can edit a post without going in to the WordPress admin panel.

Detailed Description

Have you ever published a post and then noticed when reading your blog that you made a typo, or misspelled a word? It’s kind of a pain to sign back into the WordPress admin panel just to fix a typo. Well, Edit n Place lets you edit your post right there on the actual web page. People with with editing privileges (admins) will see an `Edit n Place` link at the bottom of each post. Just click the link and the whole post becomes editable. When you’re done editing, just click the `Save n Place` link and you’re done!

Grab it at Headzoo.

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WordPress Theme: kino

kino WordPress ThemeFound a really nice theme today while searching around in called kino. It is a one column white and blue theme that is very striking.

One-column white and blue theme.
Wordpress 2.0.2 compatible.
Optimized for Firefox, 1024 x 768. Other browsers also should work fine.

Check it out at kino’s website.

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WordPress Theme: Frusti 0.2

Frusti WordPress ThemeA two column theme from ikram zidane with a beautiful starry header.

the name of this theme came up because i was so frustated with my pc which was slowing down all the time.. (really in need for more RAM)… designed for wordpress 1.5 and hopefully it’ll works with wordpress 2.0… this theme validates xhtml 1.0 transitional and CSS1. This theme was tested and working beautifully with opera, firefox , internet explorer and flock

Check it out at ikram-zidane.

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WordPress Theme: Mental Disorder

Mental Disorder WordPress ThemeA really interesting looking theme from Teo.eSuper comes Mental Disorder. It is a two column theme with a touch of red.

Mental Disorder is a free WordPress 2.0 theme created for the 2006 WordPress 2.0 Theme Design Competition.

The theme is released under the GPL License. Feel free to download and use it, but please do not remove any credit notes.

Check it out and download it at Teo.eSuper

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Favorite WordPress Plugins

Over at Business Blog Consulting they recently put up a post running down their list of favorite WordPress Plugins.

There are only a few on there that I have not tried, but if you are wondering what plugins to put in with your WordPress blog you might want to take a look.

Some of the ones mentioned include: Popularity Contest, Subscribe2, and Related Posts.

Categories: WordPress Plugins New Sidebar Widgets

Sidebar widgets is the new big thing for the hosted blog service at

The new addition allows for the customization of the blog sidebar, adding features, that you’d otherwise not be able to have.

From Lorelle on WordPress:

Hideously named “WordPress Widgets” is the method of accessorizing your sidebar on WordPress Themes which permit such interaction. Through the use of Javascripts and Ajax, you can simply click and move boxes representing content elements within your Theme’s sidebar. The elements include Pages, categories, links, most recent posts, most recent comments, meta/admin, and text.

This looks like the start of a API system allowing bloggers to do various things by making some Widgets for, though the abilities of the API are currently unknown, it should be interesting, allowing users to have more ability to cusomize their blog.

For more information check out the blog.

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WordPress Theme: Lush

Lush WordPress ThemeThe second theme from Jeriko One today is Lush, what he considers an ultra advanced theme.

Lush is an ultra advanced theme for WordPress for bloggers who want everything without any difficult technical stuff involved. Drop it in, enable it and you’ll be rolling with a feature packed WordPress weblog.

Lush is easy to install and easy to use! Almost everything has been taken care of. Here are some small pointers to keep in mind when using this theme. At the bottom of this document you’ll find a full list of distinctive features for this theme.

Some of the features included are:

  • alternating trackback styles
  • customized live search
  • customized table-less comment form
  • customized categories page
  • various visual effect enhancements
  • full gravatar support including a fallback default gravatar that fits with the theme
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict
  • Builtin support for Ultimate Tag Warrior, Gravatar, flickRSS and time since.

Check it out at Jeriko One.

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