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WordPress Theme: Tarski

TarskiA really nice theme from ionfish which was just released is Tarski. It is a two column theme, with an interesting look.

Tarski is a WordPress theme. It’s intended to be usable out of the box, by people who just want to get on with writing and don’t have time to learn web development first. Coming with a choice of tasteful header artwork, Tarski has numerous options accessible via a simple, easy-to-use options page.

For the more technically-minded, Tarski provides a flexible basis for any number of alterations, from ssimple things like changing the header, to more complex structural changes. ionfish is actually running a modified version of Tarski, so as you can see, fairly drastic alterations are far from difficult.

Check out the Tarski theme page for more information.

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WordPress Theme: KISS

KISSA simple two column, white and grey theme from oinam named KISS for keep it simple stupid, and the theme is simple, but effective.

The discussion of a general design theme came up amongst the team and we realized that we wanted a simple, a very simple design. So, we decided to have a KISS theme. The final verdict was to do a universal template so it can be used in WordPress and Movable Type (eventually the template can also be used on TypePad and LiveJournal) installations.

Check it out at Labs.Oinam

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WordPress Theme: Rusty

A two column theme, with an odd, but interesting color set. With some orange and green. I like how the navigation is done.

WordPress Theme: Rusty

Have a look at how the theme runs at

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