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WordPress Plugin: Simple Spoiler Updated

An update to Simple Spoiler allows you to have spoilers in your posts has been updated to work with the WYSIWYG editor.

I have updated the beautiful Simple Spoiler plugin to make it compatible with WYSIWYG editor embedded in WordPress. I have added the option to use [ ] instead of < >. Now you can use both methods whithout digging into your older posts to modify the code.

Check it out.

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WordPress Theme: Wonderwall

A new two column theme from Daily Misery in Wonderwall. It is currently in Alpha, but it looks really good.

This theme works in all major browser, namely Firefox, IE 6.0+, Safari and Opera.

Now that the good news is announced, here comes the bad news. This theme needs a couple of plugins to work, notably the custom field plugin where you can insert an image on the left side for every post. That is bad news number 1.

Bad news number 2, I will just include everything (plugins, files, css, images, psd, JS) in a zipped file, for now. I really don’t have the time to clean things up and make it a work-out-of-the-box theme right now, yet. I hope by releasing this early, people can start playing with it and who knows, some of you might actually end up doing the dirty job for me. Besides, I have a pretty decent documentation mechanism in place, as you will find out yourself :).

Check it out at Daily Misery where you can currently see it in action.

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WordPress Theme: Remember

Beccary has released an old theme, and it looks really nice, and supports the new and popular Widgets for WordPress.

Due to popular request, my old purple turtle theme has been revamped and released. The sea turtle had to go as it was a stock photo, so I replaced it with some of my gold guppies (there’s an option to get rid of them if you’re not a fish fan).

“Remember” is released under the GPL and Widgets are supported. The theme admin menu is powered by WordPress Theme Toolkit. Bandwidth for downloads is siphoned from

Check it out at

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WordPress Theme: Craving 4 Green

A theme that was submitted to the Arena WP Contest has been found, and it is Craving 4 Green.

I have been waiting to get this theme out, to all of you people to try it out.
This was created for the original wordpress 2.0 theme competition and is now submitted to the Arena WP as well.

I think this is the first theme, a theme is released before the official results of the competition are announced., but I guess it is OK.
I will let you have a glimpse of it, before looking at the complete list of features.

Check it out at WP Themes .Info

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WordPress Plugin: Show coComments

A new plugin is out and has even been recently updated after finding a problem or two. It is called Show coComments.

Show coComments creates and unordered list of one of your configured boxes on coComment. Which one it uses is configurable in the options page. Most of the configration is done by coComment with thier comment box creator, however there are a few options you can change such as showing the actual comment text and displaying a link to the coComment page for each post(not comment).

Check it out at

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WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition

The deadline for the new WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition is quickly coming to a close, as there are only like three weeks left.

Check it out at

All themes must be submitted by May 1, 2006, 12:00pm PST. This will allow enough time for everyone to re-submit their themes. It will also allow time to find a qualified panel of judges for the competition.

* All themes must be packaed in .zip format and e-mailed to [email protected]
* You can enter as many themes as you would like.
* The theme should look good on all modern browsers, across platforms.
* Any theme may be excluded for any reason, though no likely to happen.
* All themes must be released under a GPL compatible license (if a license is not specified, you agree that you are releasing the theme under the GPL license by submitting it to the competition).
* Winners will be announced on May 15th, 2006.

There are some great prizes including a $50 iTunes gift certificate all the way to a 30GB iPod (with video). Good luck to all those that enter.

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WordPress Plugin: User Bio Popup

A new plugin for finding out information on the post author is out, called User Bio Popup.

This WordPress plugin searches posts and pages for the nicknames of authors. When it finds one, it turns it into a link which brings up a popup window with the author’s bio and image. It uses the contents of the ‘About Yourself’ field in the user’s profile for the actual bio, and the image used depends on which of the two methods you select. The options page for this plugin allows you to configure the popup’s heading, width, height, and more. It also is fully customizable with the built-in CSS in the popup template file.

Check it out at Dragon Design.

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WordPress Widgets

Sorry I have not talked about them much. I wanted to see where they were heading with the whole WordPress widgets idea.

While they have had it for a little while on the hosted service, it was recently released as a pluging for normal WordPress users, meaning that if templates are modified to take advantage of the Widgets plugin, you can move things around, and add new features easily to your blog.

WordPress Widgets (WPW) is a plugin designed to provide a simple way to arrange the various elements of your sidebar content without having to change any code.

Check out all the details in the WordPress Codex.

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WordPress Feature Reduction

It looks like WordPress 2.5 will not include any new features; infact, Matt has been quoted as saying
“We are actually going to remove many of the features to build a lighter blogging engine, where users will only add the features they want via an add-on system”.

Critics speculate that such a system will only create confusion as users try to find the right image uploading tool for their version of WordPress.

Some of the features that are going to become add-ons for WordPress rather than built-in include the image uploading and management tool as many users do not like or use this feature of WordPress. The user management tool will also be removed, as most blogs only have one user.

Other things to be removed include the ability to create pages, manage links, import entries from other services, all comment management, and the dashboard.

I for one look forward to this new version, as I find WordPress to be much too slow, and I think a slim streamlined version will work great for around 80% of WordPress’ audience.

Here’s hoping…

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