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SlimStat and WP-SlimStat

Many people have been happy with ShortStat statistics application and its WordPress plugin WP-Shortstat, but many of us found that it died after a while, or can’t get it to work in the first place. Our options seemed limited. Do we go ahead and buy Mint for $30 a site, which is created by the same person who did ShortStat? Or do we search for something else?

Well some enterprising people have take ShortStat and fixed it up, added some new features and so came the birth of SlimStat.

I’ve been using Shaun Inman’s great ShortStat for a while. However, I wanted to be able to drill down into the stats and look at things in more detail.

When I started editing the code, I kept thinking of more and more things I’d like to change. SlimStat is the result.

SlimStat is free, and there is also a WordPress 2.0+ plugin to make the installation even easier, though it uses SlimStat 0.9.2 rather than the current 0.9.4 release, so it will be up to you deciding on your current code editing abilities if you want the latest version of SlimStat without direct integration into WordPress or a slighly older version inside your admin panel.

SlimStat 0.9.4 can be grabbed from:
WP-SlimStat 0.9.2 can be grabbed from:

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  1. Joy says: 6/16/2006

    This is a small, and relatively powerful stat package. I’ve been using it, and it works like a charm. Not as powerful as Google Analytics, but it is a simple solution..


  2. Ghosty says: 6/27/2006

    There’s a couple of people who’ve made some additional plugins to give slimstat some extra functionality.

    Here’s one to chart visitors made by Tagawa called SlimView:

    I’ve also written a few plugins along with some modifications for tracking cities in addition to the databases.

    This one allows monthly updates of the ip-to-country conversion tables:

    This one is by far the most popular which is plotting visitors onto a google map:

    Which requires these modifications to slimstat to track the cities:



  3. Adriana says: 2/26/2012

    thanks for share!


  4. Starter says: 4/24/2014

    You Plugin looks the best of all plugin I test .. I found it by accident after My old Plugin
    Wssup Stooped work on my new host So I tried And delete many Plugin Before I found this plugin .
    Many thanks for your brilliant value work .


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