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WordPress 2.0 Theme Contest Complete

Well, the Arenawp WordPress 2.0 Theme Contest is over, well pretty much anyways. We have most of the results, and I found it quite an interesting little contest.

Some of the results include:

Best Overall Designs
1st Place – Durable by Andy Peatling
2nd Place – Kurtina by Gail Dela Cruz
3rd Place – Ambiru theme by Phu Ly

We are still waiting on the results for Best Use of WordPress Theme Options and Best AJAX Integration, but overall the contest is over, without a glitch. Great stuff Terry Ng for putting this all together.

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WordPress Theme: Iridium

The theme was found on a popular forum Sitepoint. The creator was looking to sell it, and so when I saw it, I decided that it should be released to the world, so I bought it for almost $100 and did my best to make sure it was okay for general release.

So now you can pick up the two column, primarily black and yellow Iridium theme.

Check out for the download and screenshots.

Note: You have to register to download the theme, but its quick and easy, and worth it, as they will support the theme as well as they are working on having more themes released through the forum.

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Movable Type vs. WordPress

Over at Business Logs, Mike Rundle, a well known designer, has come up with a little MT vs WP post in which he talks about the changes that both WordPress and Movable Type need to make to really become the market leader. It would be really interesting if they both came together to work on a publishing platform as where one has a problem, the other has that strength.

It seems to me that unless Six Apart really gets its act together and revitalizes the entire Movable Type application, codebase, and community, new bloggers will no longer use MT but will use WordPress instead, a change that’s already happening. WP’s active development and range of free blog themes to choose from are extremely inviting to new bloggers. I know that a very nice WP admin theme is currently brewing so we’ll have to see if it can live up to the standard that MT has set.

Posts like this, especially on bigger websites always strike up a conversation, so keep checking back on the comments, as I am sure opinions will be flying back and forth.

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WordPress Plugin: Easy Admin Access

A plugin that makes it quicker and easier to get into the admin panel to do up a post and whatnot has been released called Easy Admin Access, catchy name, isn’t it?

It’s called, as you might have noticed, Easy Admin Access. I’ll say it once again: I’m a genius, AccuStat’s name was’t a fluke.

EAA provides the same style ‘wpcombar’ that you’ll have seen if you use a blog… Sadly if you do use then this is useless to you. The wpcombar is a blue bar that runs across the top of your blog with links to the dashboard, new post page, your profile etc.

Check it out at 100yen.

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Arenawp WordPress Theme Contest

By this time a week from today, all the themes that were a part of the recent WordPress 2.0 theme contest should be up on the very popular under the category of WordPress 2.0 Theme Competition entrees.

In the end there were more than 50 entries into the contest, meaning we can expect 50 new WordPress themes to flood the Internet over the coming week. I am very excited to see what people come up with, and hope to see a useful, good looking 3-column theme come out of the contest.

Watch for more details.

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WordPress Plugin: Sideblog Plugin v3.0

A new version of Sideblog is out that includes support for WordPress Widgets.

Sideblog is a plugin for WordPress Blog Platform. It is one way of implementing “Asides” – a series of “short” posts, 1-2 sentences in length. Sideblog is now in version 3.

Sideblog v3 differs from previous version in that it is Sidebar Widgets enabled. For those whose theme do not support Sidebar Widgets Sideblog v3 can still be use. In Sideblog v3, multiple categories can be published in the sidebar.

Check it out at

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WordPress Plugin: PostControl 1.0

An interesting plugin, PostControl gives you an area where you can do many things to your blog posts without running all over the WordPress admin panel.

After many requests for a plugin “like DraftControl” but for posts, I have actually written one — PostControl 1.0 is released.

Feature List:
Supports Versions 1.5+, 2.0+
Number of viewable posts per page is changeable
Unpublish individual Posts from PostControl
multi-unpublish if you need that kind of power
Add Categories to a post without leaving PostControl. (support for multiple cats coming soon)
Change the Owner of a post for individual entrees without leaving PostControl.
Delete individual Posts from PostControl
multi-delete if you need that kind of power

Download it now.

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