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Akismet and b5media

Recently, the b5media blog network purchased an Akismet Enterprise License for their network of WordPress powered blogs. I don’t know if they paid the $200 a month fee that is listed on the Akismet website, but I really think it is great to see people giving back to such a great plugin, and hope it inspires others to work on ever more exceptional plugins.

Duncan Riley, one of the founders of b5media couldn’t say enough good about it:

Great news, at least for me personally, b5media has signed up to Akismet, and I’ve just turned it on here at, so hopefully no more comment spam from now on.

My personal thanks to Matt Mullenweg who personally responded to my query on obtaining the product key after we signed up and paid for it. It’s really quite amazing that the President and founder of a company that’s going gang busters still takes the time out to respond to customer quires personally, and it bides really well for Automattic keeping it’s feet firmly on the ground and in touch with it’s roots as it continues to grow.

I find it interesting though that they would take their first bit of real money and put it towards a plugin system that is free. Is this b5media showing how much it wants to be considered a serious business venture?

Update: Akismet and b5media Update

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  1. Jeremy Wright says: 6/1/2006

    It’s not free for commercial use. Before the enterprise license, the cost would have been about 1500$/month, which is just too much.

    But, 200-500$/month is right in the sweet spot for us, for something that causes as much pain as comment spam does.

    We’re still early in our rollout of the plugin, but feel free to ping me next week so I can give you an accurate assessment.


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