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Being Ranked #1 on Google

Darren Rowse at talks about a recent post by Chris Smith about being number one for a keyword on Google. In the article he makes mention of the difference between being in first and being in second on Google for a keyword and says the difference in traffic can be as much as 60%!

I can tell you that our site receives approximately 30k of visits on average per day from Google, just from keyword searches for Term X. There’s typically one or two Sponsored Links just above us on the SERP, and a few Sponsored Links on the right side column, too.

When we dropped to second slot on the SERP for Term X, we lost approx 18k of visits per day. So, there it is: the difference between the number one slot and the number two slot for a major keyword term comes to about a 60% change in visits!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the problem of being number one on Google, so to read such an article is actually amusing, and interesting. If you knew you would have to work twice as hard to get to number one, but it would bring you almost double your normal traffic, would you do it?

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  1. Bruno Amaral says: 6/20/2006

    The problem here is not wether to get to number one or not, it’s more how to do it the right way and knowing if it’s worth the cost.

    As an example:Lets say we’re selling a product, we aren’t just aiming for traffic, we’re aiming for sales. Let’s say we’re on the number two slot, with 200 visits per day and five or more orders each day.

    In order to rank number one we decide to implement a shameless advertising and link exchange campaign. Upon reaching number one we get 460 visitors each day and the same number of orders. This would probably mean our corporate image had taken a dive and only our return costumers were keeping the firm above water.

    Another possible outcome would be to increase the number of orders by 60%. Would the firm be able to ship the product in due time? Would the stock be enough to fill all the orders ? Not being able to deal with all the extra spotlight would do more harm than good.


  2. David ) says: 6/21/2006

    Very true Bruno. Though I think many businesses don’t care sometimes how they get there, I do think that there should be some way of giving those that ethically work their way up, some sort of bonus, as I see more spam/junk results on Google with each search as companies continue to impliment shameless advertising and link exchange campaigns…


  3. Chris Meller says: 6/21/2006

    Depends on how much $$$ that doubled traffic would bring in for me… Would the added revenue make up for the costs to get it?


  4. Dan says: 11/6/2009

    Yes, it’s possible for there to be a increase or difference of 60% in traffic, however not all topics/keywords are equal. The difference from the numbers 1,2, and 3 spot for many topics or keywords arent usually that much difference. Anywhere in the top 5 is very good, it’s then just a matter of the title and information being interesting enough to catch the persons eye.