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WordPress and SEO

Over at The Undersigned a nice tutorial was written up called WordPress and SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In the tutorial, there are some tips, tricks, and plugins you can use to help search engines find you, and index your pages better.

There is a big bunch of resources on optimizing your blog for search engines. I have tried to collect the best tips and plugins in this article.

These tips won’t flood your blog with visitors – no SEO tips will. Use these tips to improve your site, and fight for a lot of backlinks and visitors by writing quality content and putting a lot of work into it. It has never been easy to run a website, and it for sure isn’t getting easier.

Check out the great list of tips and tricks, and use as many as you can. If nothing else, many of the tips will provide users with a better reader experience.

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  1. Jason Brown says: 6/26/2006

    My built a WordPress 2.0 plugin ( may work for 1.5+ ) for SEO efforts.

    You can download it and try it out at my blog, it was made to optimize the head section of WordPress sites.


  2. brooke skye says: 10/22/2006

    Oh great link I’ve been wondering about WordPress and SEO for a while now this will be great reading – getting myself some coffee and then it’s optimization time!


  3. sohbet says: 7/23/2008

    thanks ;)


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