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WordPress Plugin: Trashbin

Ever deleted a post, and then realized that deleting it was not what you really meant to do? Ever have a another writer delete all his or her own posts to spite you? Well, now you can install a plugin that could help you save you from yourself or someone else. The plugin called Trashbin keeps a copy of your deleted posts, pages and drafts so that you can easily restore them.

Trashbin is a plugin to rescue you from yourself. Trashbin keeps a copy of your deleted posts, pages, and drafts (and soon more) in your database so that you can restore your accidentally deleted posts without searching through those backup files and without the risk of losing your permalinks. Trashbin is currently for WP 2.0.3 (or higher, when 2.0.4 is released) only, due to database schema changes in the 2.1 series.

A great plugin, though it would be better if you were just more careful with your blog posts… Grab it from Mirashii’s Blog.

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  1. Julie says: 11/20/2006


    I recently accidentally deleted a page today that I didn’t want to delete. I went to that blog and its not active. How can i get a hold of this plugin so i can use it for my site too?




  2. Michael says: 5/2/2007

    Does anyone have a copy of this plugin? Or know the developer’s email? His site has been down for the last month or so and really want this plugin. I will host a mirror on my server if anyone sends me a copy: webmeister at